Friday, 21 June 2013

TGIFF! - School's Out

It was the last day of school for my older boys yesterday. Woo hoo! We can sleep in. Yeah, right. The two younger ones were up an hour earlier today. WTH?! If today is any indication of what this summer is going to be like (no naps), it's probably going to be a lot quieter on the blog this summer.

End of year teachers' gifts were lunch bags again this year. I love, love, love Ayumi Mills' lunch bag tutorial!

This fabric is from a fabulous giveaway I won from Kirsten at Gemini Stitches back in December. Thank you again, Kirsten. I love the fabric! And the teacher loved the lunch bag too. Phew!

This one went to my sister for her birthday. Funny thing is she actually pinned it from my blog. Hee hee.

I also finished this Katherine Wheel for Anne-Marie of my Simply Solids Bee. A great tutorial for this block can be found on Lawson and Lotti. It was a fun and challenging block! 

I'm linking up with Aunt Marti at Thirteen in '13 for TGIFF! Check it out and link up your own recent finish.

Happy Summer Solstice for those in the northern hemisphere!


  1. Perfect teacher's gift! And Ayumi is so gracious -- she sent me directions to her favorite Tokyo craft store, complete with subway map symbols, so I could send my son the sailor to shop for some fabric for me in Tokyo!

  2. Lucky teachers....too funny that your sister pinned it!!! lol
    Have a great summer M-R

  3. Congrats on another year done! I remember those days. Enjoy summer. Your projects are lovely and the Catherine wheel is fab.

  4. Love those lunch bags! Definitely a great gift for the teachers! Hope you have a great summer with your boys! I am also hoping they get the gist of "sleeping in"!

  5. That's one way to make sure someone will like a gift (the pin). Cute bags! That block looks scary difficult.

  6. Fabulous gifts! I love that block, it is on my one day list :)

  7. What kind to give teachers a present! We do not give presents to teachers in the Netherlands. I was a teacher I would have loved such a lunch bag! I like the block. I pinned the tutorial already!

  8. Love the bags! And thanks for sharing the link to the tutorial. I need to make one!

  9. Those lunch bags look great. I must check out that pattern :)


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