Thursday, 14 November 2013

TGIFF! - Home

You better believe this week is a TGIFF! around here! I'm very happy to say that I did finish Home in time for wedding (given my history, it's definitely not a sure thing that it would be done). So yay! Happy dance!

Photos were quickly taken on the way to reception so they aren't great, but this baby's done and the quilt is with the happy couple.

The name of the quilt was inspired by the giant log cabin side. My cousin and her new husband are both police officers and I know they deal with a lot of the rougher elements of our society. I wanted to contribute something special to their home and haven.

Their wedding was so much fun! We had a wonderful time with our family. Don't you think there should be more weddings?

Home - Log Cabin Side: A little bit traditional...

Home - Improv side: A little bit modern...

I really fell in love with the look of the quilting on the improv side. Gives a bit of a woven look. 

Besides the inserts on the improv piecing side, I tried a couple of new things that I thought I'd pass along to you:
    A few wonky lines here and there
    Random matchstick quilting: Originally I wanted to do matchstick quilting all over this quilt. Once I had done the first go with lines spaced 1/2" apart (using 50 wt. Aurifil 2260 and 40 wt. Aurifil 1103), I knew that it didn't need it and I didn't have enough time to do the fill in. It had taken 8 hours just to do the 1/2" lines. Gulp!

    I did, however, want to address the slight stretch and a few of the 1/2" lines that went a little wonky.
    Slight stretch in some of the lines
    I decided to fill in the 1/2" lines with 1, 2, 3, or 5 lines randomly spaced using 12 wt. Aurifil 2250. I love the look of the 12 wt. beside the 40/50 wt.
    Random matchstick quilting to
    fill in wonky lines

    But you can't fill it in to densely or the sides begin to pull in. That's fine if you are going to be consistent in doing matchstick quilting all over, but if it's randomly spaced, you don't want your edges to be wavy. I found five lines was really the maximum.

    Fill quilting just starting pull edge in
    Matched binding: I tried a matched binding using this tutorial on the log cabin side. Love! Will be doing it again.

    Quiltography: "Home," by Michèle-Renée Charbonneau, Ottawa, Ontario, November 2013, 65" by 65".

    I have to admit that this was a hard one to give away, but I know it's gone to a good home. Now I'll just have to make another one...

    Celebrating with the TGIFF! crowd over at Hot Pink Quilts this week. How about you?


    1. Beautiful! What a special wedding gift...I can see why it was hard to part with!

    2. This quilt is a stunner! Congratulations on your finish and the quilt being home.

    3. Wow! I am loving the two sided quilt movement--why spend all that time on the front just to have a boring back?

    4. I call that totally modern. There is nothing traditional about a giant log cabin. :-) Love your quilting choice. In fact, there's nothing I don't love about this one.

    5. Well done. I knew it'll be happy end, lol. I can't imagine all the quilting but it does look fab.

    6. Awesome, MR, You pulled it off. All that quilting, and pics on the way to the reception.... The quilting looks like a lot of effort, but definitely worth is. With this geometric pattern, you could not have gotten away with stippling or anything like that. I love both sides of this quilt! What did you do for label? same as your All Things Equal?

    7. Oooh, this is so lovely! I love both sides, and it's perfect, down to the matching binding. I know this quilt will be much loved.

    8. I would have a hard time choosing which side to use , I love it ! Congrats on a great finish and to the happy couple l

    9. Love a two sided quilt! Thanks for the tip on the pulling lines. I've noticed them on some of my straight line quilts and never occurred to me to throw in some extra lines to ease them out...

    10. This quilt reminds me of an award winner I saw recently. I posted the photo at my blog below.

      Jeanne at

    11. I like the improv side a lot, but I really really love that giant perfect log cabin! Also, thanks for the link I'm off to check out the matching binding tutorial now :) congrats on such a good finish!

    12. Yay for getting it done in time!! I love the improve side, and the quilting!! I really must get some 12wt thread to play with!

    13. GAH I LOVE IT. the improv side is my favorite as well. i think gray and red jive so well against eachother!!

    14. What a stunning quilt, really love the modern side, but the giant log cabin really makes it perfect! I would have a hard time giving that away too!

    15. Wow, I am just amazed by your work more and more I can see how much you have grown in the past 3 years! Great job!!!

    16. Both sides are beautiful.You've made the close colors work well together. Thanks for the heads up on match stick quilting -- I've not tried it yet, but would have probably leaned toward intermittent.

    17. This is totally gorgeous! Congrats!

    18. Wow I love the quilt back. Are the matchsticks pieced in or appliquéd on? Very beautiful!

    19. What a fun quilt and I love the two-sidedness of it AND your sharing about the quilting. Confess it was also a nice surprise to stumble over your mention and use of my matched binding tutorial. Glad you enjoyed using it! It's great for this quilt.

    20. Such a great quilt! The best of both worlds.

    21. Wow!!! Awesome quilt :). Love love love :).

      Jenn from Mellycoddle


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