Monday, 11 November 2013

Home - A Work in Progress

Happy Monday, all! The reason you didn't hear much from me last week was because I was madly trying to turn this

Giant Log Cabin Side
and this

Improv Side
into a finished quilt by Friday for my cousin's wedding this past Saturday. She and her new husband both love red so that's the colour I went with!

I have to say that I LOVED piecing the improv side. It's made with the scraps from the giant log cabin side plus the scraps from this quilt. I then inserted the grey strips so that they appear to be floating on top of the background reds. This was a challenge and it was so much fun! I think you'll be seeing more of this type of piecing from me in the future.

This side also took way longer to put together than I had planned though. The log cabin side was finished a couple of weeks ago, but the improv side was finished Tuesday morning; just four days before the wedding (three days before we had to leave for said wedding). Gulp!

I was planning on doing matchstick quilting on this quilt because I just loved the texture it gave on All Things Equal. Think I finished it in time for the wedding? Find out later this week... ;)


  1. C'mon, M-R, you are such a tease... Show us the finished quilt now!!!! It must be gorgeous. Love the improv piecing.

  2. Love it....improv is so addictive isn't it!!

  3. Gorgeous! I'm not sure which side I like more, I'd have to flip it every few days to enjoy both!

  4. looks great on both sides. I'm guessing you finished it, but you may have a sore neck from all that quilting!

  5. Gorgeous! I love the backdrop by the way. Knew those hockey nets would come in handy some day :-)

  6. That's really cool! Excellent job with the piecing, I'm betting some pieces were a pain to align after adding the grey strips.

  7. Looking forward the next chapter, lol.

  8. Beautiful!! I love the back: the grey strips really come out! Can't wait to know the outcome!!

  9. Looks great, either direction! (Also, love the use of a hockey net :D Gave me a laugh.)

  10. Uhm, yeah. M-R - I wish Ottawa was closer so that I could come to your guild and pick your brain in person... Love it! Goooooaaalll!! :-)

  11. What an idea..... Why not?
    Looks to be a wonderful quilt.Hope you will manage the time limit.
    And a question, how do you put in the pictures on the left side of you blog, with your quilts?
    regards from Sweden

  12. looks great... can hardly wait to see the quilting :)


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