Monday, 13 January 2014

Modern Blocks Monday - Improv

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! My modern free motion quilting sampler workshop got postponed Saturday due to freezing rain. :( While I was a little disappointed at first, it was a good call. I took my son to hockey a little later that morning and was thankful that I was just bringing him to the arena nearby. Why wasn't hockey cancelled too, you ask? Hockey never gets cancelled, 'cause we're Canadian, and it would be un-Canadian of us to cancel hockey. ;) Yeah, I don't buy it either. The good news is that we were able to find another date next month that would work for the workshop. Yay!

Inspired by the work of Maria Elkins, Jean Wells, and Marianne @ The Quilting Edge, I've been wanting to do more improv and work with more complex colour palettes, so I pulled out a pile of solid scraps in the blue, purple, grey and lime greens. I started with the grey, white and black scrap pieces leftover from my laptop tutorial with Sew Sisters Quilt Shop and began building improv blocks.

It quickly became apparent that it was not one piece but three. Hmm, so much for a complex colour palette. LOL!

I'm back and forth on these; one moment I like them and the next, not so much. I'm told that's often the case with improv so I'm just going to keep going. It's fun!

I'm thinking that the palette I had originally selected would have worked if I hadn't started with the grey, white and black sets. I think the white is the problem here -- the white gives the pop that the lime green was supposed to. Pesky value issue! Oh well, something to try next time.

Other blocks from this series:
Hope you get some time to play and be creative today!


  1. Love the lime green in there WITH the white - keep going - it will be stunning!!

  2. Sooo nice to know my work inspired you!!

  3. I agree with liking them one minute and then, not so much, the next. I think these improv blocks are difficult to make. I love your blocks, btw.

  4. These are so beautiful, and thank you for all of those links!

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