Friday, 24 January 2014

TGIFF! - Purple Radiant Orchid Madness

Happy Friday, all! I'm in a bit of a purple phase at the moment. Kind of à propos given Pantone's 2014 Color of the Year, eh?

Earlier this week, I showed you my little Mini Me block. Through the magic of the Internet, it's been transformed into this little pincushion.

Although it seemed mini compared to the 12.5" Diamond Ripples block on which it's based, doesn't it look big compared to this other selvage pincushion I finished this week?


But that's not really purple madness, M-R, you say. Okay, so how about these placemats made with the purple and lime green scraps from Carsick? Yay for using up more scraps!

I did some free motion matchstick quilting on these and I love the texture. Kind of looks woven, doesn't it?

My kids immediately claimed them, but I'm holding firm that one of them must be mine. Negotiations ensued and concessions made. Expect to see some more placemats in the near future. :)
The back - Big scrap pieces
Still not enough purple for you? Next week, my friends, next week there will be more…

I'm linking up to TGIFF!, which is over with Jess @ Quilty Habit this week. Her fun and fabulous quilt features Brrr!, the Laurie Wisbrun line I used in the quilt in my header.


  1. I love those placemats!! And that pin cushion is so cute! What great ideas to use up those scraps!

  2. Great placemats! I like making them because I can practice my free-motion and use up scraps at the same time. Yours are lovely and modern with a sort of traditional reverse side. Good idea.

  3. Lovely placemats. And a very cute pincushion. I love the use of scraps, think I have some of it my self, somewhere!? Have to look...
    Wish you a happy weekend.

  4. LOVE the placemats! The pin cushions are pretty cute too!

  5. It's even cuter as a pin cushion! Love the placemats and all the purple!

  6. I love to see the gorgeous purple things everyone else makes. Purple doesn't like me. But it must love you! All your projects are sweet and I can see why the kids were ready to duke it out over those place mats. Love the intense quilting!

  7. Pretty! I'm looking forward some more :-)

  8. Oh boy I wish I had more purple solids cuz those placemats are AWESOME!! Love them.

  9. These are soo beautiful! I love the purple paired with green. Thanks for the shout out! I LOVE your banner quilt!

  10. I love what the matchstick quilting does for those placemats!

  11. Purple is my favorite. Love that little pin thingy!

  12. Love the place mats. the quilting is fabulous. Does not look as scary on a place mat as it would on a bed-size quilt...
    Another thing on my to-do list...

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