Friday, 18 April 2014

A Little of This, A Little of That

Happy Easter all! Did you hear? Craftsy's having a super Easter sale. Sweet!

Enjoy up to 75% off all Fabric with Craftsy's BIG Easter Sale happening now!
Enjoy up to 75% off at Craftsy's BIG Easter Sale 



For those in the Ottawa area, I'm teaching a Modern Free Motion Quilting Sampler class on Wednesday, May 7th from 10 - 4 p.m. at The Country Quilter in Richmond. It's already almost full (woo hoo!) so if you're interested, sign up soon!


I've been working away on Scrap{Bee} 2.0. I finished the quilting last night. Yay! I thought I'd block it because of the different types of quilting and the improv piecing had some puffs here and there. Should have known that blocking this quilt wouldn't be straightforward as nothing has been simple to date. LOL!

Mug shot of the culprit!

As I was laying it out though, I saw that the dark red had bled. A lot! I've been pre-washing all my fabrics for at least five years, but these fabrics were pulled from the scrap bin and are older than that. I wish I had remembered that! I also wish I'd remembered that I had made some colour catchers and it would have been the perfect time to test them, but do you think I did that? No, I completely forgot about them until this morning. Luckily the Spray N'Wash looks like it worked. Phew!

Now I'm itching for it to be done drying so I can get the binding on. I think binding is my favourite part of the whole quilting process. Seriously. I love binding because I can do it while watching TV or a movie. This quilt is big enough for several movies too. :D Any movie recommendations? 


  1. I am doing binding tonight while watching Thor The Dark World with my men. Wished I just lived a bit closer so I could take your class!

  2. I've started washing my reds twice.....but I still had the same thing happen with some reds that I pulled out of a scrap bin (they were only washed once). I thought I had fixed it, but when I put the binding on, I noticed the red had actually run to the back of the quilt, as well.......lesson learned. The quilting on Scrap (Bee)2 is amazing.


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