Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Lunch, Anyone?

April Fools's Update: We tried switching the kids in their beds last night. One of them woke up though and wanted to return to his bed. Oh well. The other two thought it was funny when we told them about it this morning though.

The auction for the OMQG went really well last night. Such a great group of people! I put the placemats out as two sets of four, as many of you recommended. Thank you! Both sets were bid on and sold. Yay! We also approved our Constitution, By-Laws and Procedures and approved a motion to officially join the Modern Quilt Guild. Double yay!

On the theme of dining (placemats yesterday), this is a lunch bag I made for a friend's birthday. I used this favourite lunch bag tutorial from Ayumi at the Pink Penguin. Still love the design of the bag!

I had picked up the fabrics for they exterior separately and then noticed that they go so well together. Then I looked at the selvages. D'uh! They are both from Jay McCarroll's Center City line for FreeSpirit. The lining bag fabric, which is not from that line, looked like it went well with the outer fabrics when I made it, but it's looking off in the photo. Hmm.

I don't know what it is exactly, but I had a really hard time giving this one away. I love map fabric! My friend better like it 'cause I don't have enough of that fabric left to make another for me. Will have to find some more, I think.

Off to cuddle the little one now, who is home sick today. Poor little bug! Have a great April Fools' Day!


  1. Happy April Fool's Day. My sister did that to her children once. The lunch tote is great.

  2. Sorry the prank did not work. I am glad your place mats found homes, though! I like your lunch bag very much. I am trying to settle on the perfect pattern since I have my fabric already picked out. I am going to go to the link you have for Pink Penguin and have a look around. I like the shape of the one you made for your friend which would allow for a rounded container with lid. I often have soup or a salad I like to bring to quilty events.

  3. Congratulations on the MQG join! So exciting!

  4. This bag has been on my (ever growing) list of "things to make" for a while now. Thanks for the reminder - I love yours!

  5. I realized yesterday that it has been years since I concocted an April Fool's joke. It is fun to make people, and especially your kids, laugh.

  6. This is a great bag, which is made even better by your fabric/colour choices.


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