Wednesday, 2 April 2014


I've been a big fan of Craftsy for a while now. I've taken over 20 classes with them. I've learned how to dye fabric with Jane Dunnewold, inset circles with Cheryl Arkinson, free motion quilt negative space with Angela Walters, and design modern quilts with Weeks Ringle. Right now, I'm branching out and taking a photography class.

Online Quilting Classes I've really enjoyed every class I've taken with them and, since I recommend Craftsy to everyone I talk to anyway, I decided to become an affiliate. That means that I now have that button on my sidebar with a link to Craftsy and I get a commission if any of you sign up for classes through my links.

I'm going to be using the money to help fund this rather expensive quilty habit of mine. My pie-in-the-sky dream is to get to QuiltCon 2015, but we'll see. It may be 2017. Or 2019. ;) Maybe it will be used towards my ideal cutting table (counter height, on wheels, with scrap baskets underneath for immediate sorting and storage). Or more Craftsy classes. LOL!

I'm not a hard sell kind of person. I'll tell you what I like about Craftsy and, if you haven't tried one of their classes before, you can decide for yourself if it's something you are interested in. Like I did before, if I make something from a class, I'll tell you about it.

These are my favourite things about Craftsy classes:
  • I can take classes with big name artists like Weeks Ringle and Jacquie Gering and not have to spend a fortune to travel.
  • I'm a visual learner and I learn much quicker and better by watching someone than by reading or just by listening. 
  • I love the variety of courses they offer. Modern stuff. Art quilting stuff. Traditional. You name it, they probably have it. 
  • Their sales. They regularly offer classes at 20%, 30%,40% and even 50% off. That's huge plus for me and my budget.
  • With small kids, I don't have my weekends free to do workshops. I can take Craftsy classes while they are sleeping at night or while they are at school. I can also pause it or replay a section if I get interrupted or miss something.
  • I can adjust the resolution and screen size ie. I can go HD if it's something I want to see the detail for or low resolution if we're getting low on Internet bandwidth that month. 
  • I can replay my classes as many times as I want and refer back to the them whenever I want. 
  • I like how Craftsy deals with problems. On Valentine's Day, they offered some 'paired' classes. I bought one set, not realizing that I'd already purchased one of the classes. I didn't realize the problem until Craftsy notified me and they offered me a free class in exchange. How a company deals with problems tells me a lot about their integrity. I was impressed.
  • In looking over the affiliate information, I was really pleased with their marketing philosophy. They were really clear that they don't allow spam and that they don't want their affiliates doing any of those annoying marketing things we all hate. 
Things about the platform I don't use, but others seem to like:
  • Asking questions of the instructor. I love reading people's questions and the responses, but I haven't asked one of my own yet. I just haven't needed to, which also tells me that the classes are well done. All the questions are answered so the ongoing responsiveness is there.
  • Video notes. These are notes you can leave for yourself when you refer back to a video. It's a great idea and I'm glad it's an option. 
Oh, and since I regularly use Craftsy to procrastinate from doing what I probably should be doing, I call it ProCraftsynating. I'm really good at ProCraftsynating! :)


  1. great post title. I haven't taken a class but I like the whole concept. When I Do, I'll remember You! :)

  2. Ha ha! I love your name for it! Great Craftsy review :-)

  3. I want the same pie! Hope we can both make it there!

  4. Well M-R ...I am seriously thinking about it. If this is how you got so good at your quilting; it has to work. Your work is stunning!!

  5. Would love to see you at Quilt Con....good luck with that!!!

  6. I love Craftsy! I have taken many classes and absolutely loved most of them. They have some awesome sales on supplies too. :-)

  7. Thanks for this post. I very much appreciate a soft, honest "sell". I have stopped following some of the harder sell blogs out there. Looking forward to hearing about future classes you take and enjoy.

  8. Love your new word! I will check into classes at Craftsy. I think I have all the FREE things they offer! I would love to explore a Weeks Ringle class. Instead of just going in the regular way, I just come over here and go through your door? Okay.

  9. Love Craftsy! They just gave me a free sewing class for my birthday (because I spend so much with them I imagine) I bought a bag making class, speading my quilty wings a little. Up with procraftsynating!

  10. I'm in a rural area and our internet speed is not always good. I like that you can adjust the resolution. I've signed up for one class, so far, and I thought it was great value for the money. They also offer some free classes. I'll make sure to link from you, for my next one. I love the term Procraftsynating. It makes procrastination, sound fun.

  11. One of my goals this year is to actually make use of one of my craftsy classes (beyond just listening to it) -- make a quilt from someone's pattern! or try one of the quilting options I learned from sewing big quilts on a small machine! or try some dot to dot quilting (I didn't like that class, particularly, as its focus was too narrow, I think and there's only so much to say on the subject, BUT the information would useful... if I'd ever actually quilt something)! or whatever... I just want to do something from one of those classes!

  12. Dang, 20? That's impressive! I do find watching the classes relaxing and enjoyable.


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