Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A Quilty Look Back at 2014

With the craziness of the Fall, I actually forgot that I had set out some goals for 2014. Oops. So let's see how I did then. Fingers crossed...

Goals for 2014:

We're definitely keeping it simple this year because I will be returning to the paid work world. Hopefully soon. I'll still be keeping up the blog though, but I doubt I'll be as productive as the last few years. C'est la vie!  The return to the paid work took a lot longer than hoped and this is true since I started the new job in September, but it was still a pretty productive year holus bolus. :) 

1. Finish Falling for Stripes pattern! Maybe design another one? Hmm. I worked on it. I did do another one, Modern Totems, which also almost finished. Writing good patterns is hard, but I think I have more of a mental block on this. Maybe I'll just blame it on the EU VAT taxes. ;)
2. Triage my WIPS and UFOs. Seriously, some of them just need to be put out of their misery. Some completed -- Fibonacci Is Not Random. Yay! Others added to the list. Boo! Triage? What?
3. Quilt for the guest room. Yes! Yes! Scrap{Bee} 2.0!
4. Quilt for oldest son's bed. Yes! Rainbow Creek
5. Quilt for youngest son. Cobbler's child, that one. He received a hoodie for Christmas and asked who it belonged to before him! LOL! Um, no. We started a placemat for him though. Okay, that just sounds sad. 
6. More scrappiness and more working with prints. Still love my solids, but I'd like to get better at mixing and using prints. Working on it.
7. Drawing/Sketching/Zendoodling. Yes, working on it. 
8. Organize my sewing studio. :) Yes, here and here!

Not bad, considering that I forgot about these goals for the latter half of the year. There have also been a number of other quilty highlights and milestones in 2014 that weren't accounted for in my goals list. 

1. Happy Canada Day, Eh! was accepted and shown at Quilt Canada 2014 in St. Catharine's. Still pinching myself for this one!
2. I started accepting sponsors for Quilt Matters and I'm so thrilled that these fabulous stores on the left hand sidebar support Quilt Matters. Thank you to my sponsors for your support and thank you to my readers for supporting them!
3. I started teaching two workshops - Modern Free Motion Quilting and Modern Totems. Such a thrill to see students' work!
4. I continued speaking for guilds and added a new lecture - Bring Out Those True Colours - to the line up. So much fun!

Quilts completed in 2014:

Other sewing projects from 2014:

Thank you for indulging me in this look back at 2014 and for taking the journey with me this past year. I always look forward to your comments, feedback and suggestions. They truly make my day!

Tomorrow we'll talk about some goals for 2015. What are you hoping to do next year?


  1. Scrap bee and Rainbow creek are my fav! You had a pretty good year! All the best for the upcoming one! I haven't thought about my goals yet. I'll sleep on it first :)

  2. Happy New Year, M-R! I musta missed that cute beaver! Be proud.

  3. It is always so inspiring here, whatever your pace. I wish you the best for the coming year!


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