Monday, 26 January 2015

Modern Block Monday - Leggings Block

The moment I saw Elizabeth Hartman's Knee Socks block, I was smitten. It's a block that finishes at 24" though, a little too large to be asking my OMQG Bee mates this month. I decided to do a cross between her Knee Socks block and the blocks I'll be making for this Fibonacci Flow design.

I give you...Leggings. ;)

It's a 12" finished block, fun for stash picking. I couldn't rightfully say stash busting because it just doesn't use all that many scraps, but it is fun.

Wanna make one yourself?

Cutting Directions:

Background fabric (charcoal grey in this case):
A - Four (4) - 1.5" x 6.5"
B - Six (6) - 2.5" x 6.5"
D - Two (2) - 2" x 6.5"


C - Ten (10) - 1" x 6.5"


1) Sew the pieces together in each of the columns according to this layout diagram.

2) Sew the two columns together.

I'll be providing the charcoal grey for my bee mates and asking them to scrap bust the scraps so I can get a good variety of fabrics. I'll also be asking them to keep the columns separate so I can mix and match them with other blocks.

Here are a few designs I've been playing with for this block:

All About Those Leggings: 

I Just Need Some Space - Lap:

I Just Need Some Space - Twin:



  1. ThanIs for the tutorial! I may have to try this one! I think I may be smitten too!

  2. Very fun block! Lots of layout possibilities and any use of scraps is a good thing.

  3. yay, looking like a fun project!

  4. What a great fun block. Love the different layout possibilities.

  5. Looks nice and easy to sew! The hardest part will be choosing the colors!

  6. I like this block! I was thinking that perhaps I could reverse it and use scraps for the bigger sections and background fabric for the 1" strips. Maybe one colour per block, so that the quilt top ends up rainbow like.

  7. Love this! Thank you so much!

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