Thursday, 22 January 2015

Night Flowers - Quilting Options

I'm playing with quilting designs for Night Flight. First, I picked out the threads. Mmm, yummy! Yep, I'm going to mix it up with different thread weights and brands. I'm such a badass.


Next, I tried some different motifs with dry erase markers on my plexiglass trial quilting sheets.

First up, matchstick quilting with triangular spirals.

That's a lot of starts and stops.

Arrow spirals. I like that flow a lot better and somewhat fewer stops and starts. 

Maybe something different in the negative space though, like this maze.

Or maybe a smaller version.

And then I decided to play with the walking foot quilting style I learned from Heather Lair.

I'm definitely smitten with one of them. Can you guess which one?

Have an awesome day!


  1. Of course, it will be the last one! Question, though, I can't remember the size of this. Will it be a wall hanging, a crib size, a lap quilt? I would just make sure the density of the quilting matches its intended use... I like the idea of breaking up the negative space by different patterns.

  2. BooYahh...Hell yes that's a winner:) Love it!!

  3. the last one looks great. I didn't know Heather Lair taught machine quilting.I took a postcard and bag class from her once. Her passing was a big loss to us all.

  4. Wonderful design! You will certainly have a show stopping design!

  5. Too hard to decide. Whichever you choose, I will fall head over heels for!

  6. I hope the one you love is the last one, that is awesome!

  7. Love the photo with all the cottons set in a line. This is going to be awesome whichever design you choose

  8. What a huge bad ass! Love the colors and love the thread! I'm thinking the last one?

  9. Oh man I am loving that last one!!!

  10. Gotta be that last one hasn't it?

  11. Hard to decide, but can't wait to see the finished project. Definitely getting a piece of plexiglass to do previews.


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