Monday, 12 January 2015

Modern Block Monday - Scrappy Mountains

Shena from Apple Pie Patchwork in my Canadians Quilt Bee asked for Scrappy Mountains (tutorial here and here) in bright modern fabrics with low volume backgrounds. This is my block.

She asked that we keep the four quadrants separate because she hasn't decided what layout she'd like to do. So...I thought I'd play around with some different options to share with you.

Now that's a pretty versatile block! May have to do more of these...


  1. Mmm, the versatility is amazing and so pretty! I love it! I think I see some Scrappy Mountains in my future, too. Thank you for showing these! Magistra13 at yahoo dot com

  2. Great block indeed... I could not stop at two. I love your colour choices!

  3. VERY versatile! Thanks for showing off some options!

  4. I made some scrappy mountain blocks for Shena last year in the Stash Bee. They were great fun and just what I may choose for my month in our guild bee this year.

  5. This block is new to me. But I love it. I think I need to make some.

  6. Great blocks and I love all those placement variations :)

  7. Thank you so much - had not realised how good this block is. xx

  8. I agree with Lin. I've known about this block forever and never noticed all the cool designs you can get from it. And even better, the block is deceptively easy to make!


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