Saturday, 2 May 2015

All For Show

For those within driving distance of Ottawa, the Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild is having our Festival of Quilts Show from May 8-10th at the RA Centre. It's also the Tulip Festival if you wanted to make a weekend out of it. Woo hoo!

I have six pieces in the show and I will be the Artist in Residence on Saturday, May 9th. That term -- Artist in Residence -- sounds very weird to describe me, but we're going to go with it. I'll be demonstrating free motion quilting and improv piecing. If you come to the show, please come and say hello. I'm pretty nervous about this.

The Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild, of which I'm also a member, has an exhibit featuring our Montreal Meetup challenge and Block Design challenge pieces at the show.

Ottawa has a lot of very talented quilters so there will be lots of fabulous quilts to see! I can't wait!


There was just so much inspiration shared at the Montreal Meetup with the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild that I thought I'd share more photos (with the participants' permissions).

Our challenge was to design a 30" by 40" quilt that used one or more modern quilt design principles.

FYI, these are not my quilts.

This is a jelly roll quilt. Yeah, doesn't look like one, eh? Love these colours!

The back!

Cinzia's quilt:

Katy's Forgot to Check the Stove:

Laura's Boom Clap:

April's New Bridge:

Kirstin's first quilt:

And her second!

Look at that quilting! 

Josée's quilt:

Heather's quilt:

I haven't included mine here. I'll share my challenge piece later this week, when I host TGIFF! Yes, I'll have a finish to share...I hope!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Congratulations on being the Artist in Residence - I am sure you will have a great day. The quilts are all beautiful, looking forward to seeing yours too.

  2. Great quilts! I wish we would have some modern guild here as well.

  3. Congrats on being the Artist in Residence! Have fun at the show, and thank you for sharing some fabulous inspiration. I'm looking forward to seeing yours

  4. What a wonderful way to wake up and sip on my morning coffee looking at amzing pieces. Boy do I wish I lived closer--I would be there in a heart beat! I am pretty darn sure that your postion as "AIR" will be great and people will be well informed! Have Fun!

  5. Artist in residence! You'll be great i'm sure. Glad to hear you enjoyed the meet-up! We did too and are looking forward to another one, perhaps!?

  6. Artist in residence! You'll be great i'm sure. Glad to hear you enjoyed the meet-up! We did too and are looking forward to another one, perhaps!?

  7. I'll be in Gatineau this weekend. I'll try to come by to see you at show and take some time to see the OMQG quilts. Thanks for sharing pictures from the meetup!


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