Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Time to Recharge

I love April. The weather is warming up. We can ditch the winter clothes. Hockey is finished and soccer hasn't really started. We can sleep in some weekends. And I can attend quilt retreats or workshops!

We had a meetup with the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild (MMQG) the weekend before last. So much fun! I had met a number of MMQG members last Fall when I went down to teach my Modern Free Motion Quilting Sampler workshop. It was so great to hang out with them again!

We started with a pincushion or mug rug swap. I made these goodies to swap...

Here are all the goodies that were swapped!

Next up, we shared our Modern challenges, which I'll share in another post. 

In the afternoon, some of us did a round robin improv session. We provided a starter block and then passed it along to another member. We had 20-30 minutes for each round. Very intense, but a great way to test and expand your creativity. Huge thanks to Cinzia from Deux Petites Souris for running such a great improv session!

Kirstin already finished quilting and binding hers! Way to go, Kirstin!

More photos to come next post, but before I go, have you heard that Sew Sisters is having a Free Shipping event today and tomorrow? Enjoy!



  1. All lovely swaps; your mug rug is so elegant.

  2. Spring is finally here! Yes! Love the sweet swap items. Everyone did an awesome job of those and the improve round robin pieces, as well. Quilty friends are the best!

  3. We're still waiting for Spring here in Nova Scotia, but I have high hopes that it's coming. Looks like you had an awesome time. Love the swaps.

  4. Great swaps all the quilts

  5. cute swaps! And great challenge!
    AND....I just saw your name on the list of Finalists in the National Juried Show 2015!!! Wheeeeeee How exciting!!! Way to go M-R!

  6. I just finished putting the finishing touches for my round-robin quilt top. that was so much fun for me!

  7. I just finished putting the finishing touches for my round-robin quilt top. that was so much fun for me!

  8. Very cute mug rug and pincushion!

  9. I really enjoyed our meet-up too! Let's do it again next year. And thanks again for the pincushion! I love it.


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