Thursday, 29 October 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival: Bubbles for Malcolm

One of my favourite online events is the Blogger's Quilt Festival with Amy's Creative Side. Finishes have been few around Quilt Matters over the last few months, but I do have one to share for the festival. I'm entering Bubbles with Malcolm in the Home machine quilted category.

Hugely inspired by Janet Workman's gorgeous quilt, this baby quilt for my friend's son started out well, but had a few challenges along the way. It is a trickier quilt than it looks.

Half front view of Bubbles for Malcolm quilt

The last time I shared this, we talked quilting options. It's always so helpful to get other people's opinions so thank you for sharing your ideas! For the quilting, I used matching threads with the fabrics and did different motifs in the bubbles.

Bubbles for Malcolm quilt layed out on grass

Closer view of Bubbles for Malcolm quilt on grass

Love this one - asymmetrical swirl. :)

Close up view an asymmetrical swirl quilting motif

Another swirling quilting motif

In the light grey background, I broke up with negative space with some cloud sections. Each section has a different quilting motif (or two).

A cloud section of the quilting that has swirls

Another cloud section which has echoed clamshell quilting

And definitely some large spirals and pebbles!

Close up view of a swirl and pebble quilting motif

The backing is the IKEA numbers fabric I bought before it was discontinued.

Bubbles for Malcolm quilt layed out on grass with a corner folded over to show the backing fabric

Bubbles for Malcolm by a bubbling fountain. :) 

Bubbles for Malcolm quilt on a bench by a fountain relaxing.

Another photo of Bubbles for Malcolm quilt on a bench by a fountain

Finished size: 39.5 by 60".

There are so many gorgeous quilts entered into the festival. Be sure to check them out and vote for your favourites!


  1. Beautifully done. What a fun pattern. The quilting is amazing, and I love the colors.

  2. Gorgious and definitely gets my vote - I can't even imagine. The mix of quilting shapes are so playful and the photo shoot with fountain circles and bench slats are great.

  3. This is great! Love your pattern and the name which is so perfect. And such fantastic quilting! Good luck in the voting.

  4. Awesome! What a cool quilt design.


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