Monday, 19 October 2015

Modern Block Monday - Flying Geese Options

It's an exciting night here in Canada -- Election Night! So far, it's looking like a major upset with a Liberal majority over the incumbent Conservative majority. Wow! We'll see how things continue to unfold...

To take my mind off the election, I thought I'd share some bee blocks. :) We had flying geese blocks requested for two months of our Canadians Quilt Bee in June and July.

For June, Dominique at The Running Thimble wanted flying geese in this colour way, using this tutorial.

Flying Geese for The Running Thimble

For July, Francine (@melrosecakes), sent us the green background fabric for us to make scrappy flying geese using this tutorial.

Finally catching up with my bee blocks! For @melrosecakes #canadiansquiltbee2015

So fun to try different techniques to get essentially the same block!

Damn, now I have to go back to the election... ;)

Update: Election Results - :)

In case you are interested, here's an amusing take on the election from John Oliver:


  1. Wow! Amazing election results...I guess we have change!!
    And love your flying geese...all the points are perfect!! Very impressive!

  2. Great blocks. Love the blue and green combo. Thanks for sharing the video -- it's funny.

  3. It was exciting to watch the results in Winnipeg, but you have a close-up seat in Ottawa. Lots of changes ahead in our capitol. Have you tried flying geese using a die cutter? I have dies to make 6 by 3 inch geese.

  4. Love the John Oliver clip -- I guess I need to start watching the show. Hoping the (eventual) election results here in the US are as positive...

  5. First, I love your flying geese. Second, thanks for the hilarious video - it felt so good to belly laugh tonight! Third, I wish the US campaign season was as "long" as Canada's.


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