Sunday, 5 June 2016

Anniversary Giveaway Winner and Quadruple Maple Leaf Blocks

And we have a winner for my 5 year blogiversary giveaway! Congratulations to # 119 Lori. Please send me your snail mail address and I'll get this out to you asap. Again, thank you to all who have supported and encouraged me over the past five years. I've loved meeting people through the blog and this great online community. Hugs to you all!

On the subject of giving, you've probably heard about the fires in Fort MacMurray, AB. Crazy! Well, Stacey from SLOstudio started up a great collection of Maple Leaf Blocks to make quilts for the folks in Fort MacMurray who lost their homes and have been displaced. She put together a tutorial that I used to make these blocks:

I'll be sewing up some of the collected blocks into tops this summer. If you'd like to see all the great blocks submitted so far, check out the #quiltsforfortmac or Katy @lethargiclass's feed on Instagram. So many fabulous blocks are making their way in. Thank you everyone who has donated them! 

I thought those blocks were it for me until I saw this Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild Facebook post. Challenge accepted. But I thought "More." First it was going to be a triple, but then I figured out that I can do a quad, which would finish at 81". Yeah!

The minis finish at 3":

Doubles finish at 9":

Triples finish at 27":

Triple Maple Leaf block #1 #quiltsforfortmac #mapleleafblocks @slostudio @lethargiclass @madaboutpatchwork


One more layer to go!


  1. Wow the HSTs in the first round are tiny! The blocks are beautiful and I cannot wait to. See some of the quilt tops you'll be putting together!


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