Thursday, 9 February 2017

Canada by Code Block

When Sew Sisters Quilt Shop approached me to design a block for The Canadian Sampler, a Block of the Month (BOM) Club to celebrate Canada's sesquicentennial, it didn't even take me two seconds so say, "Hell ya!"

My block, featured for February, is the Canada By Code block. I wanted my block to have a modern look to it, but still pay tribute to our history. This simple-looking block uses Morse code to spell out our country’s name. Fitting too, since Canada’s primary long-distance communications method during the time of Confederation was the telegraph.

And while we don't use Morse code anymore, this 'code' block design is also a nod to our tech industry and lifestyle -- we're a pretty 'connected' society. Did you know that 82% of Canadians have high speed Internet connections? We are so connected in fact that the Canadian government has recently declared that high speed broadband internet should be considered a "basic communications necessity" like landline telephone lines. That's a pretty bold statement that's going to have major impacts on our telecommunications infrastructure in rural areas of the country.
I like to think that this block celebrates our history and gives us a taste of our future.

The designers worked with Northcott ColorWorks Premium Solid 9000-241 Cardinal and 9000-10 Snow to design and create a block that expressed their appreciation for this country. I love the variety of blocks in this quilt that can appeal to all types of quilters.

Here is the finished quilt. Didn't they do a great job laying out all the different blocks? You don't have to lay yours out this way, of course -- you can lay it out any way you want!

The BOM kicked off last month, but it's not too late to jump in. If you'd like to participate, check out the Sew Sisters Quilt Shop website. Instructions for two blocks are sent out each month, with the instructions for the layout and sashing coming in the 11th month.

You can also share your blocks using #thecanadiansampler on Instagram. It's so fun to see how different people are making this quilt.


  1. Love the modern look of your block ! Interesting to read about your inspiration.

  2. Love your unique idea and may even put the block in my veteran's quilt if you don't mind

  3. Despite the fact that I do not quilt, I thoroughly appreciate the symbalism of this sampler. Really does have a "Canadiab" vibe. Congratulations! Terrific inspiration.

  4. It's a great block. One of our guild members made a Morse code wall hanging with her son's name a few months back. It's a great idea.


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