Friday, 28 October 2011

TGIFF! - Re-Landscaped

I didn't think I'd have a finish this week. I don't plan on having a finish every week -- 'cause that's just crazy talk -- but I am trying to whittle my WIP/UFO list down and TGIFF! provides a great motivation for me. Originally, I was planning to finish my 10BX Leaves wallhanging because it is also close to being done and seemed an easy finish, but life intervened this week and I didn't get as much of it done as I'd hoped.

Yesterday morning though, I woke up with the idea of finishing up my landscape design quilt that I'd started in a workshop with Joan Bechthold in 2006 (2006?! How is that possible?). It was another really fun workshop. We were given a kit of commercial prints and shown how to create a landscape by fussy cutting the fabric and rearranging the pieces. Then Joan set us loose to create our own landscape. Although I was not a big fan of the fabrics, I loved the techniques we were learning - fusible machine applique, invisible zig zag stitching, thread sketching, etc.

When I left the workshop, the centre panel was largely done, but still needed some invisible stitching and thread painting. I tried to finish it at home, but something wasn't working. The threads kept breaking. Frustration. A lot of frustration. Finally, I gave up and added the borders that came with the kit, which I wasn't thrilled with, and sandwiched it. But it was the same story as most of my UFO/WIPs, I couldn't free motion quilt it so I put it away.

Wallhanging as it stood yesterday morning

When I pulled it out yesterday, I still didn't like the border. I played with other fabrics, but came to the conclusion that I'd like this better if there was no border. So off it came. Much better. I finished the thread painting, re-sandwiched it and quilted it. It's amazing what a difference five years made! ;) Then I added the same facing binding as I did with Don't Worry, Be Scrappy! And c'est fini! Voila Re-Landscaped. :)

Finished Re-Landscaped wallhanging
Re-Landscaped - Detail shot

Quiltography: “Re-Landscaped,” by Michèle-Renée Charbonneau, Ottawa, 11.5” by 19”, 2011.

Re-Landscaped - Detail shot

Yay, one more WIP off my list! I'm still surprised at how quickly this project was finished. I wonder how many of my other WIPs could be finished up this easily? How about you? Any WIPs you could finish up easily? And what's your oldest WIP? Come on, you can tell me! :) I've had two kids since I started this one.

Looks like there are some logistical problems so this week's TGIFF! party is on the TGIFF! site. If you have a finish, share your finish by linking up. Come take a tour of this week's fine finishes and comment away!

Happy, happy Friday all!


  1. A re-do! It looks wonderful and I like your finish...very clean and current. Our lives change,our perspectives change, and our project change.

  2. Hi M R. I LOVE your little landscape quilt. I completely agree with you about the borders - they had to come off. Your FMQ is a treat too. very nice.

  3. Very pretty. Don't we all have UFOs? I think my oldest (off the top of my head) is a Road to Paradise quilt I started in 2006....if we talk other mediums I think I have some embroidery projects that are older.

  4. your landscape came out very nice...I don't have a great imagination when it comes to this,but you arranged every piece just perfectly; I think. Nice job!!

  5. Whoa seriously? That is breathtaking. I have no words.

  6. This landscape is fantastic! I agree about the borders coming off; it makes an amazing difference. Well done, both on the quilt itself, and for completing a WIP!

  7. Your landscape is great! To finish is divine.

  8. Gorgeous!! I agree that the borders needed to go. Your machine quilting looks great! Bravo!
    My mom is working on one of my oldest WIPs... It is our "mother-daughter quilt", a joint effort between both of us... Just the other day we figured we have been working on this quilt since 1999!!! We are hoping to have it done before the end of the year. Hopefully it will be hanging in the Common Thread Quilt Guild show next May!

  9. Wow...what else can I say? I was snooping on a few of your other blog posts and saw this little beauty. I have several books on these kinds of projects I just have not accomplished (or started) a picture quilt. Excellent job, seriously in awe...


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