Friday, 18 November 2011

TGIFF! - 'Tis the Season for Mug Rugs

Well, Wednesday was definitely not my day. First, a cold/flu virus that no amount of Cold FX or Advil Cold and Sinus could help and then, an email virus/hacker in my hotmail account. Grrr! Huge apologies to anyone who received some ridiculous email from me. I've changed my password and upped the security. With any luck, that will take care of things. Please let me know if it doesn't. Don't people have better things to do than cause trouble?! I just don't get it. Okay, deep breath, I won't rant, even though I really want to!

Thinking quilty thoughts, thinking quilty thoughts... there that's better! ;)

So I'm starting to think a little more about holiday gifts and mug rugs are going to be prominent on the list of things to make this season. Since I still have the energy of a sloth at the moment, this is the only one I've finished so far.

The batik material of the tree is the same as the binding - one side has some gold star accents and the other does not. I wanted to have a bit of a Christmas-y feel but not so much that someone couldn't use the mug rug at other times of the year so I used the side with the gold accents for the tree, but used the other side of the batik for the mug rug back and binding.

Very simple, improvisationally pieced. Free motion echo quilted -- still trying to get straight FMQ lines. 6" by 8".

The talented Tabatha @ Bending Pins is hosting this week's TGIFF! party. If you get a chance, take some time to check out her blog and the fabulous finishes over there in today's party.

Cheers and Happy Friday!


  1. Love that mug me inspiration for some gifts..thanks for sharing...I have nothing completed this week except that quilt that I was hand quilting; but not mine to; maybe next time..have a great weekend; feel better..

  2. Love the mug rug! I have a few to make as well. Love the idea of a simple tree. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Hope you are feeling better soon... I got hit with the bug too, just started yesterday so not feeling up to doing any sewing :( I do have a finish though... will link up later today.

  3. Aww M R I hope you feel better soon. I love your little mug rug - fabulous fabrics and nice quilting. Well done on getting it finished - I bet you didn't feel like it!

  4. Oh a great idea for a mug rug (wiggles eyebrows), one that shall be repeated on another blog in the not too distant I think you did a fantastic job on the stitching, I certainly cannot get my lines to look so good! I hope you get better, although I am sad to find out that those amorous emails you sent to me aren't so true...

  5. Great mug rug and I love the quilting! Switch to gmail, it's so much better!

  6. I think I've asked before, but how big are the mug rugs? Placemat size?


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