Friday, 16 December 2011

TGIFF! - Mug Rug Mania

I must say that I'm feeling a lot better after my little freakout on Wednesday. I even called the lady that I elbowed out of the way to apologize. Thankfully, my mom was pretty cool about the whole thing. ;)

I managed to finish 15 of the 20 mug rugs yesterday - yeah, baby! I haven't slept a lot and I think I'm beginning to get a tick in my left eye, but they are done. Woo hoo!

To avoid going completely insane doing these mug rugs, I decided to make them as a quilt top, sandwich and quilt them and then cut them to the finished mug rug size (5" by 7"-ish). Way simpler than making each individually.

I used an unused block and a couple of strip sets from some old projects. The block, which was 15" by 15", was just sandwiched and quilted. For the strip sets, I slashed them up and inserted black strips in varying widths and in various directions. A fun, improvisational method.

The back of the quilted block
For the quilting, I wanted to practice a motif that I want to do on my Christmas table runner. I was trying to do something like Emma from Sampaguita Quilts did on her Feathered Friends quilt. I loved how she combined spirals and feathers and wanted to try it. Hmmm, not Emma's level of awesomeness and I forgot the inner loops in the feathers, but I'm still pretty happy with it.

I also tried a different machine binding technique - Rachel's zig zag method. It worked pretty well. Yay! Nice to have another binding option.
The finished mug rugs!

More gratuitous photos...

Lucy from Charm About You is hosting TGIFF! this week. She has a fabulous robot quilt this week. Definitely a must see and a quilt I must figure out how to get. Too bad I can't elbow her from here to get it. ;)

Happy Friday all!


  1. Love your mug rugs...your FMQ look fantastic

  2. Hi M R. Love your mugs rugs - they are so colourful and cheerful. I can't believe tyou got so many done. Great job and your fmq is fantastic too !

  3. HOW COOL are those!! I finished my first mug rugs yesterday and it just felt silly to long arm such a small thing, so I used my walking foot on my domestic....

  4. What a beautiful group of mug rugs and a great way to use up odd blocks and such!

  5. Those look great! I would have never thought to make a big block/small quilt and just cut it in to the mug rugs...Hmmm now I'm thinking about a quilt my son got as a baby that would make great mug rugs since I don't want to get rid of it. I could up-cycle it.

  6. They're fab and I love the quilting! Great idea to make a 'quilt' and cut it up. Twenty individual mug rugs would definitely drive me mad :)

  7. I'm steering well clear of your elbows!! Gorgeous mug rugs and that quilting is fabulous!! If I ever need to make 20 I know how to do it ;)

  8. Ooooops! A big thank you for linking up! ;)

  9. Awesome M-R! Great idea to use a quilt top... love how they all slot together but are slightly different too. On the list for 2012! :)

  10. Great job on the mug rugs! I like that you used a left over quilt block for your starting point, a bit of improve and the quilt and cut method! I used the quilt and cut method for my bibs, it is so fun! I think I am going to add your idea of old quilt blocks, I am sure I come up with something wacky using just orphan blocks, scraps and crumbs!

  11. WOW! That's a lot of mug rugs! Beautiful quilting!

  12. We love our mug rugs! They are so cool!Thanks so much for making them!


  13. Very cool!
    Thanks for the link from p.s. i quilt!
    Might just be able to make one or two this week.
    Merry Christmas!


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