Sunday, 18 March 2012

Modern Block Monday - Pebble Beach

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Happy Monday! This week's block is Pebble Beach by Kim Schaefer. Kim did her block with beautiful greens and browns on a dark teal background with grey satin stitching. I did my black background and went with yellow, orange, red and purple for the pebbles and black thread for the satin stitch. This is the first block where I've run into a bit of trouble while making it.

Now I know that when you do machine satin stitching or even fairly tight zigzags that you need a stabilizer. I learned it the hard way on a past project so you'd think I would have trusted my gut. The directions for the block didn't say to add a stabilizer and since I'm trying to follow the directions precisely, I didn't add the stabilizer. Well, one and a half circles in on the satin stitching and this is what I was seeing; very wavy fabric and stitching. 

So I added some tear away stabilizer and satin stitched the circles again and the wavyness went away. Yay, no need for stitch ripping! The rest of the circles went smoothly with the stabilizer and here's the finished block. 

The colours look better in person -- I'm wondering if there's something off with my camera because the colours in the photo are not quite right...again!

I figured out how many blocks I need from this book to make this a quilt-as-you-go king-sized sampler and I need 90. I have done 11 to date. I may have to rethink the size or start doubling up on blocks if I want to finish this quilt this year. 

Completed Modern Blocks to date:
While I ponder my next steps this week, I'll be making Parisian Star by Leanne Cohen. Isn't that a great name for a block? Looks like a fun one!

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  1. Good job on the satin stitching! I find it so difficult to satin stitch, especially around circles!

  2. Another great one! I love the name too. Wonderful stitching, I'm not sure my machine does that stitch but even if it did I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to try it!! Love the sound of Parisian star :)

  3. Beautiful block in beautiful colours.
    My stabilizer of choice for satin stitch is a simple piece of paper, like those the kids are bringing forever home from school. I also starch my fabrics really well with cornstarch before sewing them.
    As for the quantities of blocks needed, may I suggest sashing? Wide sashing?

  4. Lovely block, just goes to show you should always trust your own instincts!


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