Monday, 9 September 2013

If It Happened to Me, It Could Happen To You Too!

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This is a little embarrassing, but I feel I must share this...if only to prevent it from happening to some other unsuspecting Blogger. I...unknowingly I should add...became...a no reply blogger. There, I said it. I've shared my shame. I feel so much better now.

So how did such a terrible thing happen to me, a supposedly seasoned two-year blogging veteran such as myself? I linked my blog to my Google + profile. Now I had done this in the Spring and soon realized that I became no reply. At the time, I unlinked it and all was fine.

This summer though, I found a supposed fix, which did work for a while. But then it stopped working and I have no idea why.

It wasn't until this past week that I realized that I had been relegated to the lonely wasteland of no reply bloggers. It was a cold and desolate place. No more lovely replies to my comments. And horror upon horrors, what if *gasp* I had won a giveaway and they couldn't contact me? The nightmares have been awful!

So people, please learn from my mistake and don't become a no reply blogger by linking your blog up to Google +! I'm still on Google +, just keeping the blog separate. Google please fix this! If you know of a solution to my problem, let me know. I haven't had any success at finding a permanent solution in my searches.

Now there are other ways of being a no reply blogger. Check out this post to figure out if you too have been unknowingly relegated to the lonely wasteland of no reply bloggers!


P.S. I'll be hosting a giveaway for Sew Sisters starting tomorrow so do come back to see what goodies you could win!

P.P.S. Have you seen this video? This is a feminist parody of Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines video by some law students in Auckland, New Zealand. What a clever and entertaining way to get the message across that the lines of sexual objectification of women are not blurred at all and these women define them very well!

Enjoy, but beware -- there is some offensive and graphic language!


  1. I was wondering why your status had changed on your comments. I really wanted to reply!

  2. no reply blogger, i've been one of those too, really wish there was a good fix for it. thanks for the parody, the girls did a good thing, posted it to facebook.

  3. Oh the shame! I love that video - the original was so offensive!

  4. I don't know why it does that! It reverts back to no-reply status from time to time. I've only been blogging since May, and I fixed my status right after I started. Since then it has reverted about 5 times. Each time, I've had a kind blogger friend pop over and leave a comment on one of my posts to make me aware of it. Now, I try to do the same for bloggers who I know I have replied to in the past, that suddenly become no-reply. I do wish Blogger would fix it permanently!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  5. Thank you for the heads up, I will be going over to your link in a mo.

    I recently went over to Google + and then had a friend contact me to say she couldn't comment on one of my posts even though she had in the past. We did a few checks etc and then I had a Google search and it turns out that if you are a Google + member so is your Blogger blog and the only people who can post comments are other Google + members. Very bazaar and very much a Google - !!!! I just hope everything is now ok since leaving the + , I don't have that many commenters as it is!! lol

  6. Yes, I was a no reply blogger!! How horrid!! Thank you!! x

  7. Super annoying! Thanks for the heads up! Another reason why I'm not a Google+ fan...

  8. Phew. Now I'm wondering if my blog is no reply. Lots of view. No replies. Such a newbie! Thanks for heads up.

  9. That same thing happened to me a couple months ago! So glad I figured out how to undo it :)


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