Thursday, 28 November 2013

Snow Day for Works in Progress Wednesday

It was the first snow day of the year here yesterday. The kids were outside at 8 a.m. building forts and planning their epic snowball fight. How is it that getting them ready for the bus at 8:45 is a battle, but they can be dressed out the door by 8 when there's snow?! I had plans to do a WIP post yesterday, but alas the snow was calling. We all slept very well last night!

New Projects:

Yes, two new projects!

Baby Quilt: One of my cousins (I have a lot of cousins :) ) is expecting her first in February. Her requests were 1) grey, aqua, white and 2) elephants. The grey background is looking a little dark so I think I may change it to Kona Ash. I ordered some elephants on chevrons for the backing from Spoonflower. This is the first time I've used Spoonflower so I'm keen to see how it goes.

Improv Chevrons: I've also started a commission for a friend. Machine appliquéd kids' hands on white and black and white prints on one side for a favourite teacher. Funky chevrons on the other side in greys and black. 

Completed Projects:

Simply Solids Bee

The November Bee block for is for Carla. I really liked this Circle of Squares block (tutorial) - looks difficult, but very easy to do (strip piecing)!

Current Projects:

Scrappy Trip Along: Lots of progress; some more blocks here and the rest of the blocks are done. Here is some more colour palette fun. Now to put it all together...

What are you working on this week?


  1. Love the little elephant!
    And, wow, you have been busy !! Glad you are enjoying the snow.

  2. I heard about all your snow, glad to hear you were out in it. Your projects and blocks are wonderful.

  3. Beautiful works here. Love my block in red ; )

  4. Your little baby quilt with the elephants is just the cutest. I love the fabric you chose for the backing. I have never used Spoonflower before but I hear good things about it. Your scrappy trip is going to be amazing.

  5. Cute elephants! I LUV that circle squares, too. We had serious snow yesterday, too. Good think the fluffy stuff didn't have high winds to blow it! Winter is here and it will be a white one!

  6. I still have never seen snow. Aww!

    LOVE your elephants. Too cute for words. x

  7. As soon as things calm down (may be Jan) i am going to make some of those scrappy trips! I love the solids. Modern and traditional at the same time.

  8. I like the elephants too :) I'm also looking forward to your scrappy trip!

  9. I like the little elephants in a row! did you piece them or find the fabric. Very nice.


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