Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Here a WIP, There a WIP, Everywhere a WIP, WIP

I'm itching to start on a new design that I sketched out last week. The works-in-progress (WIP) list is a mile long though. I have told myself that I can't start a new quilt until I finish something else off the WIP list. Just one thing. It can be small. It can be big. But it must be finished!

So what will it be? 

Current Projects:

Bee Blocks: Julie from my OMQG bee wanted a cross-stitch block. She gave us each a different layout, using this tutorial from PileO'Fabric. Very cool idea! I can't wait to see what picture all the blocks will make. This block is done, but I have three other bee blocks that need to be done. Not sure bee blocks should count as a finished project though.

Rainbow Creek: It's basted and ready for quilting! I'm planning on quilting it like Mod1600. Good candidate.

Oops - that's a little blurry!

The backing - Finally scored some IKEA numbers fabric and paired with a good ole Cape Breton tartan!

Carsick/Scrappy Trip AlongNeed to get some photos of the front, piece the back and get some batting. Einh.

Fibonacci Is Not Random: Part Two and Part Three are done so I just have Part One to finish repairing. Good candidate.

Fibonnacci Twist: Hmmm.
Wedding quilt
Nine patch colourwash

It's a crazy week! I know I won't have a chance to do any touring so I won't be linking up to the usual parties, but these great parties always provide lots of inspiration --  WIP Wednesday at The Needle and Thread NetworkW.i.P. Wednesday at Freshly Pieced and Let's Bee Social at Sew Fresh Quilts.
Right Click to Save ImageWIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Sew Fresh Quilts

Well, we'll see where inspiration strikes when I actually get a moment to quilt! 


  1. Your blog post title made me burst out laughing! too, true!!! LOL

  2. So many lovely projects. Great X blocks

  3. Yes, your Bee blocks are great!!!! can't wait to see that Rainbow Creek quilted!!!

  4. gook luck with the goal of finishing a WIP before starting anything new!

  5. it is global maybe viral, wips are jumping around everywhere :-) Good luck with meeting up your goal!

  6. I love those blocks! Hope you have a fun week mixed with all the crazy :)

  7. I think my WIPs have been mating in the back of my closet. Good luck getting yours under control. You can do it!

  8. can we send them back to the farm? (the WIPs that is) good luck with meeting your BHAG! Aren't they all where WIPs are concerned???

  9. Love the cross-stitch blocks.

  10. Great cross stitch block, and I'm looking forward to the final of Rainbow Creek!


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