Bucket List o' Quilts

Alright, here's my bucket list of quilts I'd like to make at some point. Some were in my head, some in my sketchbook, some spread out around the Internet, but now they are finally listed in one spot. This will be updated as I get inspired...
  1. Kingston Quilt - This is a block of the month quilt from oh, a long time ago. I still love the pattern and have finished the first block. It's a very, very detailed quilt. 
  2. January Block - Kingston City Hall
  3. Hexie pixel quilt - similar in idea to this one, but with hexies! 
  4. Ruth McDowell-style forest scene 
  5. Value and colour circle 
  6. Black wholecloth quilted in colour - similar to Emma's from Sampaquita's Quilts
  7. Seasonal wallhangings (Easter, Spring, Summer, Winter, Christmas still to do) 
  8. Group of Seven-style quilt 
  9. New Zealand quilt  
  10. Haida-style quilt 
  11. Northern lights quilt 
  12. Children's portraits/fingerprints 
  13. Christmas tree quilt 
  14. Tulip quilt - a larger and more involved version of this one I made for my purple Colour My World challenge. It uses a collage technique I learned from Elaine Quehl. Love it!

  15. Feng shui
  16. European townhouse/village quilt 
  17. Tokyo Subway Map by Oh, Fransson!
  18. Family Portrait à la Marjolein Bastiaans 
  19. Let's Be Frank About the Seasons (series) 
  20. Snowball quilt
Okay, I guess I'd better get crackin'. :)
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