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I love talking about quilting almost as much as I love quilting itself. I also love to share my love of this art through workshops. My upcoming lectures and workshops are listed below. Contact me at quiltmatters{at}gmail{dot}com if you'd like me to come to your guild or group!


Bring Out Those True Colours Lecture and Trunk Show - NEW!
Choosing colours for a quilt can be one of the more challenging, yet rewarding, parts of the creative process of making a quilt. M-R will share her quilts and how she makes her colour choices. She'll also discuss some tools, tips and resources that she uses, as well as cover some current colour trends being used by modern quilters.

Let’s Talk Modern! Lecture and Trunk Show
M-R has been exploring modern quilting over the last couple of years and loves it! She’ll share her passion for the style, her insights on what makes a quilt ‘modern’, and how you can make your quilts more modern if you’d like to give this style a try. She’ll also be bringing her modern quilts to share.

Creative Journey Trunk Show
M-R Charbonneau has been quilting for over 15 years and has made pretty much every mistake possible on her creative journey. She'll share her journey through her quilts, inspiring attendees with her passion for trying new things, experimenting and having fun.

Down The Rabbit Hole: Exploring the Online Quilt World
M-R fell down the rabbit hole of the online quilt world three years ago and has no intention of coming back out anytime soon. This lecture is a great introduction for more traditional guilds who want to learn where to go online for fabulous quilting inspiration and resources.


Modern Free Motion Quilting Sampler
In this class, M-R discusses some of the opportunities and challenges of quilting on modern-style quilts. You will learn tips and techniques on how to set up your work station, how to test out different quilting motifs on your quilt, without taking a stitch, and what free- motion quilting tools are worth the money. You will learn 9 free-motion motifs for a fun modern quilt-as-you-go sampler.

Modern Free Motion Quilting Sampler - Front

Modern Free Motion Quilting Sampler - Back

Modern Totems - It's All About Those Precuts
This fresh and modern quilt makes a great throw or baby quilt. The simple, yet striking design looks great with prints and/or solids. It is charm pack friendly. In addition, we'll talk about pre-cut fabrics, what they are and how to use them. We'll also look at other great quilt designs that use pre-cuts. This would also be a great beginner to intermediate workshop or just plain fun to do regardless of your skill level.

Modern Totems

Upcoming Events

Monday, January 23, 2017
Let's Talk Modern Quilting Lecture and Trunk Show
Highland Quilt Guild, Manville, Ontario


  1. I love the Modern Totems. I might be able to do that. Is there a pattern (guideline) or did you just start with one long strip, set the squares at the ends and then make strips a set amount shorter for each subsequent strip on each side and then border and voila a quilt? I love the color choices, too.

  2. Love your quilts! When you quilt the larger quilts (EX:TREES) do you start edge to edge same direction throughout, or center out? What about quilts w large triangle quilting...start w/most centered triangle? How do you plan the finished quilting on a large quilt? (I'm using a Bernina 750 QE domestic machine)

  3. Do you have a calendar of your travel? I'm wondering if you ever come to the Gulf Coast? Pensacola FL specifically.


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