Monday, 22 January 2018

A New Year Means New Goals

Happy belated New Year all! Starting 2018 on the blog 3 weeks late. Awesome.

I usually like to start the year with a look back at the previous year. 2017 -- well, not a very productive year for me on the quilting front. Only 12 posts on the blog. I used to do 12 blog posts a month! I did finish a few quilts, but work and kids took over. And my quilting mojo disappeared sometime around May. The passion and a lot of ideas are still there, but the motivation and energy are not.

I would like that to change for 2018. I want to reinstate my 20 minutes a day routine. Hopefully that's doable. Since a lot of my motivation comes from goal-setting, here are my quilty goals for 2018:
  • Get quilting for 20 minutes a day
  • Finish my BeeSewcial quilts
  • Reduce my stash -- my sewing space is feeling too cluttered these days
  • Finish at least one project a month
  • See if I can finish something in time to submit to the National Juried Show at Quilt Canada. This one is not looking too promising. 
This is what I'm working on right now:

The concepts I'm trying to explore with this one:

  • Improv styles that transition from order to disorder/chaos
  • Maxi colour to neutral
  • Value progression through the neutrals
  • Matchstick quilting with grey and rainbow thread
Too much for one little quilt? We'll see. 

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Setting Direction

Um, so it's been a while, eh? It's been a little stupid busy around here since January and at the end of the day, I just didn't have the energy to blog. Kiddos are away at camp this week (woot woot!) and lo and behold, I've got some energy back. LOL

My current project is my 2016 BeeSewcial quilt. My month for BeeSewcial was all about direction -- I asked my BeeSewcial mates to help me make a village or city. And boy, did they deliver! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to share what the fabulous blocks they made, but here goes:

From Leanne at She Can Quilt:

A post shared by Leanne (@shecanquilt) on

A post shared by Leanne (@shecanquilt) on

From Stephanie at Spontaneous Threads:

From Felicity at Felicity Quilts:

Directions block for M-R in #beesewcial

#beesewcial block for @quiltmatters. May's prompt was "Directions" and we are creating neighbourhoods. Only one dead end! Not bad!

From Karen at Capitola Quilter:

#beesewcial May block one for @quiltmatters M-R asked us to "Channel our inner urban planner" this month. The challenge is inspired by maps and how neighborhoods developed as the city grows can have their own unique identity (check out her IG and blog pos

Garden photoshoot.  Since block one got to pose with a frog, it's only right block two gets to hang out with mr rooster. @quiltmatters #beesewcial #inspiredbybeesewcial #improvpiecing

From Kari at Craft Happy:

From Anne at play crafts:

A post shared by Anne (@playcrafts) on

A post shared by Anne (@playcrafts) on

From Debbie at A Quilter’s Table:

May Bee Sewcial blocks

May Bee Sewcial blocks

From Hillary at Entropy Always Wins:

From Marci at Marci-Girl Designs:

MR Bee Sewcial Block 1

MR Bee Sewcial Block 2

MR Bee Sewcial Block 3

Roundabout?! I adore roundabouts and am so excited that my quilt will have one. If you check out Marci's Instagram feed, you'll see how she did it.

Aren't these so fun?

And here are my blocks: 

May BeeSewcial - Direction

May - Direction

If you have a chance to check out the images on the #beesewcial feed on Instagram, you'll see that the blocks have back story. So cool!

After receiving the blocks, I'll admit that I got a little (ahem...very) anxious about doing these blocks justice. I pulled them out multiple times over the past year and played with the layout. My rule was this: each block had to connect with at least one other block, but I could add roads and negative space. 

More grid-like:

A little less grid-like:

Definitely playing with some alternative grid work:

After a lot of mulling and photos and rearranging and mulling and photos...repeat, I found a layout that I loved and started putting it together. It's just about done so I will share it soon.


Sunday, 26 March 2017

Wholecloth Experiment

I've been mulling over an idea about doing a colourful wholecloth using the walking foot quilting technique I learned from Heather Lair, which I've decided to start calling Lair Quilting. I first used it on Heathia, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Heather was an amazing artist, who passed away in 2013. I took a class with her in 2011 in St. Andrews by the Sea, NB. She was very generous with her art quilting knowledge and I haven't seen anyone else do her quilting technique other than me. Now that I use it so much, I've decided to call it Lair Quilting after her. Hope she doesn't mind! :) It also looks quite labyrinthian and that fits with the name too, eh?

Usually when I do Lair quilting (Heathia, We the North Since 1867, Triad), it's using one or two colours and it's meant to blend into the background. This time, I wanted to experiment with making the design with the quilting.

First, I laid down some black guidelines, with a mix of straight lines and circles.

Next I started filling in the spaces between the lines in different colours with my favourite Aurifil colours. 

Adding more colours...can you feel the rainbow yet?

Here it is from the back. Mmm, loving that texture. 

Just as I was finishing up the quilting, I thought it needed a little more. I started adding some hand stitching to define the shapes and make the colours pop more. I used 3 strands of DMC embroidery floss -- it adds a good line of colour, but isn't too heavy. 

Finished up the hand stitching this morning and blocked it. 

Updated: Here is the full view of the blocked quilt. Just the binding and hanging sleeve left to go. Calling this one Blessed. 

I'm getting impatient for this one to be done.

Hope you are having a great weekend! 

Monday, 13 March 2017

The Sights of Savannah

My friend Kirstin (@aboutkirstin) and I went down to Savannah for QuiltCon and had a fabulous time. Wanna check out some of the sights with us?

First stop - Savannah's Candy Kitchen

S'mores rolled ice cream...mmmm

Seeing the sights, through the rain

Gorgeous ironwork

Ya gotta look up!

Curiouser, and curiouser. No, really...why?!

For my cousins

 Williams-Mercer House

More gorgeous ironwork

Big boats

Those are all shipping containers

Segway. Pure awesomeness.

Bonaventure Cemetery

Interesting evenings

I spy...


There are no words

After a bit of an adventure, home!

I'll share more about the people and the quilts of QuiltCon next time. Have a good one!
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A New Year Means New Goals

Happy belated New Year all! Starting 2018 on the blog 3 weeks late. Awesome. I usually like to start the year with a look back at the prev...