Sunday 2 January 2022

Taking Stock - 2018-2022

Tap...tap...tap. Is this thing on? Oh good. 

There's something about a new year that helps one take stock of where things are at and where they may go in the year ahead. It's been a long time since I've done a WIP list post (well, any post really) and I'm feeling the need for a recap of where I'm at with WIPs/UFOs/PIGs and any other acronyms for projects in the works. 

I've started a lot of projects over the last couple of years, but haven't finished many. I have a healthy pile of finished tops, which is new for me. I got a long arm machine a couple of years ago, but I'm still learning how to use it. Hopefully, I'll get more comfortable with the long arm this year and can turn those tops into finished quilts. And since the pandemic is still holding a grip over life in general, maybe I can carve out some time this year to blog again.  

For 2022 resolutions, I'm going to keep it simple -- aiming for more finishes than starts! 

So where are we at?  

Completed Projects (incomplete list - I'll add to the list as I remember):
  1. Rainbow House - 2015-2021

  2. Glibly Blythe - 2020

  3. BeeSewcialville - My 2016 prompt of urban planning/neighbourhoods was finally finished in 2020. Here it is on our vacation last year. 

  4. BeeBright - My 2019 BeeSewcial prompt was maxi stripes in bold colours, but with an emphasis on red and orange.

New/Upcoming Projects:
  1. Black, grey and white improv
  2. BeeSewcial blocks for Ken
  3. Elemental mystery quilt
  4. Alison Glass Feathers quilt along

Current Projects:
  1. Ice BeeSewcial block for Leanne - 2021
  2. Scrappy Vomit 2.0 - 2019
  3. Going Fractal - 2015
  4. Christmas throw - 2021

Completed Tops:
  1. Parallel Universe quilt top - 2021
  2. Solidblack, grey and white improv quilt top - 2021
  3. Rainbow Prism - 2021
  4. BeeSewcial - Graffiti - 2017
  5. Scrap Snap Rainbow quilt - 2021
  6. Let the Good Times Roll Clammy quilt - 2021
  7. Red, Black, Grey and White improv from Sherri Lynn Wood workshop - 2017
  8. Leggings - 2015
  9. Chop Suey - 2006?
  10. BeeSewcialSwap Treasure Map - 2016 
  11. Large log cabin - 2021
  12. Dots and Dashes - 2021
  13. Blueberry Park top - 2018
On Hold/UFO Mash-up:
  1. BeeSewcial - Connected - 2021
  2. BeeSewcial - Radiate - 2020
  3. Blue Mountain - 2017
  4. Weight of Love workshop - 2015
  5. Fractal Maple Leaf - 2016
  6. OMQG Roosting Round Robin quilt - 2019
  7. Round Robin Improv - 2015
  8. Hexie EPP - 2016
  9. Improv paper piecing workshop w Amy Friend - 2017
  10. Gwen Marston improv workshop -2016
  11. Resting Bitch Face collage workshop - 2016
  12. Free Motion Quilting Sampler - 2014
  13. Light As A Feather (2014) + Leggins Light (2015)
  14. Granny Square Leader and Ender - 2013
  15. Batik Christmas card holder - 2013
  16. Travellin' Pic Stitch Blog Hop - 2012
  17. Appliqué/Quilt/Paint Thing - 2012
  18. Experimenting with Glue - 2012?
  19. Modern Block Monday Sampler - 2012
  20. Collage Tree - 2012
  21. Stained Glass Lillies - 2011
  22. Happy Villages - 2008?
  23. Red and Tan Bargello in the Round 2 - 2007?
  24. Red and Cream Amish Wedding Ring - 2006
  25. Nine patch colourwash - 2001?
  26. Kingston quilt - 2000
  27. Wedding quilt - 1998

Oof, that's a lot of WIPs. And I'm pretty sure there are a few missing. In any case, let's see if we can shorten these lists a bit this year.


  1. Wow! What a great list of projects! And a finished Bee Sewcial quilt I don't remember seeing before! Good luck working your way through your wips this year!

  2. I love your quilting on rainbow house. I only have five quilts in line to be quilted but I am not ready to count my UFOs. I am just hoping to get them done soon. I will count them as I finish them! LOL

  3. Your post was my first read this morning, and how delightful to scroll through those amazing quilts! I wish you the best in tackling your list this year!

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