Thursday, 7 April 2016

TGIFF! - Colour Pop!

Woo hoo! Colour Pop is done! Happy dance! This quilt started in an Elizabeth Olwen quilt design class with the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild last April.

It was time to break into my black and white fabric collection and try something new for me. Okay, the rainbow isn't new, but it's all prints!

Here are the elements I wanted to play with in this quilt:

  • Asymmetrical design
  • Progression of the values of black and white prints outward from the rainbow
  • Progression of the size of the coloured triangles
  • Ruler quilting
  • Getting more comfortable with prints

I am very, very happy with the design. :)

It fits perfectly!

I talked a little more about my experience with ruler quilting in this post. I will say this -- while I love the look of ruler quilting, it was very hard on my hands and arms and I probably won't try this again on a quilt this large.

When it came to the quilting, I did a concentric triangle in all of the black and white prints using a ruler and my favourite white Aurifil 2021 on both the front and the back. For the large coloured triangles, I did a different straight-line motif in each one in a matching thread colour.

I love this spirograph.

Here is the back - stuck with the black and white theme. It was the first time that I was successful at getting the pieced back to line up straight with the front. It's the little things, I tell you.

Final size: 53" by 71"

Some lessons learned:

  • All black and whites are not the same. While all of the prints looked to have the same white in my studio, when I took the top outside, I found that they were not. Since this quilt's natural habitat will not be outdoors, I didn't bother fixing it. 
  • I wanted to make sure that the strong backing did not show through to the front so I doubled the batting. Added bonus -- the quilting shows up more.
  • Because the triangles have bias edges, they can stretch more easily and I found there was some stretch along the edges of the quilt as I was quilting each triangle. To prevent or minimize this next time, I would quilt along the perimeter to stabilize the edges after I've done the grid quilting foundation and before I quilt in each triangle. Blocking the quilt also helped remove some of the waves along the edge. 
And the most important lesson with this quilt? EaseOut is awesome at getting rid of crayon or marker marks on black and white quilts. To be fair to my kids, it does look like a colour book. ;)

As this was finished during Q1 Finish-A-Long, you can bet I'm linking up there.

2016 FAL

I'm a little early, but I'm also linking up with my TGIFF peeps over with Cynthia this week.


  1. I love the progressions in this quilt through colours and triangle size. All the different quilting is also wonderful!

  2. Love this quilt, M-R - the colours and the quilting are so great. And I'm glad you were able to get the marker stains out!! :)

  3. It's beautiful M-R! The colours, the design, the quilting it all works marvellously. And the back is a beautiful as the front.

  4. I love the pictures closeup. The triangles spirals are quite effective.

  5. Gorgeous quilt, and it looks so perfect on that bench!

  6. Beautiful quilt! Whoever did the machine quilting did and OUTSTANDING job! Love the rainbow colors.

  7. Your photoshoot is great ! That would be cool to see so colourful benches in parks ;-)

  8. What a lovely texture! Well done!

  9. Great job quilting this! Beautiful texture!

  10. I love it!! The quilting is amazing.

  11. I'm completely in love with your Color Pop and your quilting is fabulous!

  12. It's a great design and awesome quilting.

  13. Fresh and modern! Lovely quilt!

  14. As baseball season opens today, may I say "You've hit it outta the park with this glorious quilt !~!" Beautiful in so many ways: triangle progression, quilting-outstanding, pieced back lining up perfectly, the stunning prints in combinations that sing to me. Wonderful, thanks for sharing.

  15. I simply love this quilt, M-R. It was wonderful to actually get a close-up look at it at Guild. You did a fantastic job!! I am going to try out ruler quilting on a small project.

  16. Your quilt is amazing! The colors are perfectly placed through the quilt! I love the picture on the bench. The quilting is crazy good!

  17. I have admired this one since you first shared it. Your quilting is lovely! Thanks for sharing with TGIFF!

  18. Wow! I love this! Awesome pattern and your quilting is AMAZING!

  19. Awesome quilt! I love black & white quilts with bright colors and yours is great!

  20. This is just beautiful MR! I love those pops of colour against the black and white. And that picture on the bench is just perfect! Great finish!

  21. What a stunning and dramatic quilt! Thank you for sharing your quilts and for participating, on behalf of the 2016 FAL global hosts.


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