Sunday, 12 June 2011

Fun Film Clips for a Lazy Sunday

The film "Quilt" by Gayle Thomas was made in 1996, but only recently became available on the National Film Board (NFB) of Canada's website. The NFB says, "A tribute to the unique and long-established art form of patchwork quilting, this abstract animated film uses computer and experimental techniques to choreograph quilt motifs and designs to music."

I find it inspiring every time I see it so I thought I'd share it on my blog. Fun music, great colour, endless possibilities! Enjoy!

If you have any problems viewing the embedded video, here is the link to the Quilt video on the NFB site.

And this next one is just pure nostalgic indulgence on my part. It has nothing to do with quilting, but I loved catching this on TV when I was a kid. A little Log Driver's Waltz, anyone?

According to the NFB, "This lighthearted, animated short is based on the song "The Log Driver's Waltz" by Wade Hemsworth. Easily one of the most often-requested films in the NFB collection, Kate and Anna McGarrigle sing along to the tale of a young girl who loves to dance and chooses to marry a log driver over his more well-to-do competitor. Driving logs down the river has made the young man the best dancing partner to be found."

If you have any problems viewing the embedded video, here is the link to the Log Driver's Waltz video on the NFB site.

Oh, happy day!


  1. Hey MR!

    I haven't watched the videos yet, but good call on the Log Driver's Waltz!

    I just wanted to let you know that the blog is beautiful and fantastic - Doug and I are both enjoying reading it and learning a bit about quilting...!


  2. Thanks Julie-Ann! Isn't the Log Driver's Waltz great? I'm certainly having a lot of fun with the blog, but I'm hoping that it will also be enjoyable for others. :)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these videos. The log driver one made me smile; I've never seen that before. They sure make it look easy!



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