Saturday, 27 August 2011

Sisters: A Quilting Runner and a Running Quilter

I've been having a great time reading all of the great entries into my first giveaway.  Thank you for entering! If you haven't entered yet, you still have until 8:00 p.m. EST on Sunday, August 28th. Good luck!
Just before we left on vacation, my sister and niece came up for a visit. They live about five hours away by car, but we manage a visit one way or another about five or six times a year. I miss them a lot, but it was so great to spend time with them again. My niece, who will be turning three soon, is such a card and makes me laugh, just like her mother!

This visit had an ulterior purpose -- to help my sister finish her second quilt. Like her first quilt, my sister hand pieced these blocks. They are made with Japanese indigos from Kallisti Quilts, but I don't know the pattern, I'm afraid. Since each of the blocks were already sandwiched and quilted, we decided to use a three-stitch zig zag stitch to get the blocks to form rows and then zig zag stitch the rows together. We then added a simple quilt-as-you-go border. I hadn't done this before, but it was surprisingly easy. For some pop, Dan chose and attached a complementary red binding. All my sis has to do now is finish the binding. Woo hoo! Congrats Dan, you did a wonderful job with it. I love how the blocks make the circle effect!

Cute story tangent: As we were starting to lay out the squares, Patrick came into the room. "Oooh, what are you doing? Is that a mug rug?" "A mug rug?" says Dan. "What the heck is a mug rug?" "Oh, you know, you put your coffee mug on it and there's space for maybe a pastry or spoon," replies Patrick. Out of the mouth of quilting babes!

Playing with the layout
 Front (binding is attached, but not finished):

For those who are curious about the title of the post, my sister loves to run. It's her passion, dare I say obsession? It's a family trait apparently. Dan has been running pretty much every day for years. I'm pretty sure she ran on her wedding day. :) Since she's learning how to quilt, I figure I should probably make some attempt at running. Up until this summer, I would say that my sister is a runner who quilts and I'm a quilter who runs for the bus. Alas (don't you think we should find more opportunities to use 'Alas'? It's such a great word!), I have to scratch out the 'for the bus' part now because I ran my first 5K race while I was away. Yay! And I actually finished it. And I finished about 13 minutes faster than I had been able to do at home on our treadmill! Woo hoo!

While I would have loved to have run the race with my sister (who I think probably would have won it, looking at the winning women's race time), I did have the awesome opportunity to run the race with my sister-in-law. She was fabulous, and kept my spirits up and my thoughts away from what I probably would have been thinking, "why the heck am I doing this?" A huge, huge, huge thank you goes to her (she reads my blog now and then so let's see if she sees this)! Now I just have to figure out what quilt design will hook her on quilting. ;)

I'm not sure how on earth I lucked into getting two great sisters, but I'm very grateful for both of them!


  1. Where would we be without sister? Of course she will have to do more than lurk for you to know if she saw your message to her.

  2. What a great post! I am so lucky to have a big sister who would stay up until the wee hours of the morning to teach me how to quilt! I am excited to find a new quilting project - maybe we should have a little visit and talk it over on a nice long run?

  3. Lovely work ...and enjoyed reading through your previous posts...warm greetings from south africa

  4. I don't know what just happened to my post?? Hmm… well I was just saying that I am a new follower and that I loved visiting Germany, Italy, and the Czech Republic. I am working on redecorating my entry with a travel theme and this fabric will be an absolutely lovely addition.


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