Tuesday, 4 October 2011

TGIFF Is Going on Tour!

Hi everybody, I have an exciting announcement to make. You might remember my TGIFF (Thank Goodness it’s Finished, Friday!) Party. Well, it’s going to be a regular thing, and it’s going on tour! I contacted Laura from Quokka Quilts (in Australia!) to see if she was interested in co-hosting something together to help us finish up some of our works in progress. She was in! Yay! Emails back and forth ensued on what to do. We thought it would be fun to have a touring TGIFF linky party every Friday to feature recent finishes.

But...we didn’t think we could finish something every week or even every other week. So how to keep the momentum going? We each thought we could manage to finish a WIP a month, but what about the other Fridays? BRAINWAVE: Maybe some of our readers would like to join in and host a TGIFF party?! We can celebrate the fabulous finishes out there in the blogosphere, check out some new blogs and meet some new folks. Sound like fun? We think so too.

Laura has called dibs on the first Friday of the month, I’m taking the second, and you lovely people are welcome to petition us with diamonds and chocolates ask us to host another date yourself. It will be like a mini quilt show every week!

To get us started, Laura will host this Friday’s TGIFF party. Whether you have a finished project to share or not, you are welcome to come! If you do have a finish that you’d like to share, check out Laura’s on Friday and link up your post. Then grab a beverage (or two – we won’t judge) of your choice, tell your family that you are going to Australia (unless you are from Australia, then tell your family that you are going to Perth…unless you are from Perth, then…oh, you get the idea), tour the other finishes, and spend some time admiring and commenting on the other fabulous finishes. We know that your finish will be the best, but you still need to share the love. It’s what quilters do. :)

I’ll host the party on October 14th, then we’ll go somewhere else on the 21st – your place perhaps? We already have a volunteer to host the October 28th party - Jessica from New York. Thanks Jessica!

If you’d like to host a party, send us an email with a preferred date from the list below. Ideally, you would pick a date to host when you think you’d have a finish to share. You’d also need to add the linky party code to your post, which is very easy to set up and free for your first linky party.

We’ve created a TGIF Friday party blog so you can find out where the week’s rave party is. On the page, you’ll also find the button. Yes, we even have a button, people! So add it to your post if you link up or host.

Pass the word along (just don't lick the button ;) ) and come celebrate TGIFF this Friday at Quokka Quilts.


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