Monday, 9 January 2012

Modern Block Monday - It's A Stretch

As I mentioned last week, this It's A Stretch block is the reason I asked Santa for the Modern Blocks book, compiled by Susanne Woods. This fabulous block is by Angela Pingel of Cut to Pieces. I also loved the colours she chose for the block in the book and it's what inspired me to do the rest of the blocks for my sampler in solids with a black background.

My version doesn't use quite the same purples as she does, but I'm still thrilled with it. Unfortunately, the some of the fabrics in the photo look more pink than they are in real life. Oh well!

This block was quite labour intensive and the directions called for more fabric than was really needed. That said, the extra fabric did allow for very precise and accurate piecing and it's is only one block so I didn't mind. Still absolutely loving this block!

I haven't done foundation piecing in a while, but I remembered a few tips from past experience that helped a lot:
  • Fold the seam lines on the foundation paper to weaken the seam lines so it will be easier to tear away later.
  • Shorten the stitch length so that seams are strong enough to withstand the tearing of the foundation paper. Shortening the stitch length also further weakens the foundation paper so it is easier to tear away afterwards.
Completed Modern Blocks to date:

Next week's block will be Pogo Stick by Jessica Brown.

Linking up to Sew Modern Monday! Megan is launching her first pattern and it's definitely worth checking out!

{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations

Happy Monday, all!


  1. Very pretty. What does it look like when you have a quilt with several of these blocks?

  2. Love this! You may be starting a new meme with modern block monday!

  3. I'm a sucker for solids so when I saw this, I was in love!

  4. Oh wow!!! you have the most interesting big is it???

  5. This block stood out to me right away! I just bought the 99 modern quilt blocks book that this is in and I love the book. Great job on the block, lovely.

  6. oh it turned out beautifully! Isn't that such a lovely color scheme. I actually did the same thing...I made all my blocks with a color scheme based loosely on this one. I did make another version too just to see how it would look. But I just love the way this one looks.


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