Thursday, 9 February 2012

TGIFF! - Just Me and My Peeps

The coy-looking-askance pose
Welcome to TGIFF! I am sooo excited about this finish! Just Me and My Peeps was started back in the Fall. The prints are Castle Peeps by Lizzy House. I paired them with solids in purple, yellow and cheddar.

Just Me and My Peeps doing the Full Monty
on the backyard skating rink

I used the leftovers for the back. While I've become a big fan of pieced backs, they sure can take up a lot of mental and creative energy. The back is where this quilt got 'delayed'. Finally, I just reminded myself that "It's the back! So get on with it!"

Back - Just Me and My Peeps doing the I've-turned-my-back-on-you pose
I debated doing straight lines for the quilting on this one. I thought it would look great, but I also knew it would drive me crazy if some of the lines were off on the back.
Detail shot - The
what's-under-the-hood pose

When I took a closer look at the Castle Peeps prints, I saw that the castles on the yellow Castle fabric were not on a straight line, but rather on a gentle curve. I thought doing the quilting on curving lines would give me some of the same texture as the straight line look but not drive me batty. It worked!

Back - The over-the-
shoulder-look pose
I used my walking foot for the quilting, rather than free motion quilt it. A tip about straight-line quilting I picked up from Nicole at Mama Loves Quilts is to do every other straight line and then go back and fill in. I modified that a bit for this quilt by doing my curving lines along the purple strips first and then going back and filling in. I think that stabilized the quilt well and prevented any warping. Thanks Nicole!

For the thread, I used Sulky Blendables that had fire colours in it. While it didn't have any purple in it, it did have a smoky grey that worked really well with the purple.

Quiltography: "Just Me and My Peeps," original design by Michèle-Renée Charbonneau, Ottawa, 66" by 86", 2012.

I'm so glad this quilt is done! I'm saving this quilt for my niece to use when she comes to visit us. She loves all things princess at the moment and while this isn't pink, I'm hoping that she'll still enjoy dreaming beneath it.

Happy, happy Friday!


  1. Totally OT, but aren't you in Ottawa? How come your posts are always a day ahead of me when we're in the same time zone? Are you time-travelling, girl? If so, we need to talk!

  2. Oh gorgeous! I love the quilting - that suits the quilt so well.

    Your photo captions made me laugh. Very clever! :)

  3. Oh, just so much purple goodness! My daughter would love this :) Curvy quilting would look great on a quilt like this - adds to the whimsy of the castles.

  4. Beautiful. I love it all - front & back! I've been using purple, yellow & aqua lately but am now really liking the orange instead of blue. Absolutely wonderful. Well done! You should be thrilled.

  5. This is great - I love the front and the back!

  6. I love curved line quilting, your Peeps quilt is awesome, the back is fantastic, I really love it!

  7. Hi M R Loving your 'Peeps' quilt. The purples and oranges are fantastic together. Really rich and I love the back of it too. Well done.xx

  8. Oh wow, Michelle! I love it. The colors are great, and I love the back. I always love a good quilt back! I think the curved quilting is lovely!

  9. Lol. I read the title and was expecting marshmallow chicks.

    Your quilt is wonderful, and much better to dream under than marshmallows.

  10. Oh it looks awesome! congrats on a lovely finish. :) Sorry i'm a crap TGIFFriday buddy... I'll be back online soon

  11. Love your quilt...I am a big fan of purple too : ) Way to go with a cool back too!

  12. Hmm. . . I forgot the comment thing won't work for me at TGIFF - hey, I went unconventional and passed the Versatile Blogger award onto TGIFF. :D Thanks for the motivation!

  13. Beautiful quilt!! I am sure your niece will love it, who doesn't love princesses?! Wish I could join you at TGIFF but no finishes around these parts lately! Soon I hope...

  14. Gorgeous!!! The front and the back are beautiful and great quilting, I'm a huge fan of those organic lines! The pattern is wonderful and those towers just look amazing!
    I've no finish this week :( so can't link up but congratulations on yours!

  15. I adore that wavy/organic quilting!

  16. Looks great--love the colors together.
    I am set to host this week but I am not seeing a way for me to have this quilt finished by then :( Hubby is on vacation this week among other things going on outside the home. I only have 1 row complete and today working on finishing up row 2.
    Is it a requirement for me to have a finish? If so, can I trade weeks with someone else to host?
    I will get back to you by the end of Wednesday if I can finish it by Friday. If so, it will be my first time to try the setting a time on when the post is to post. We plan on going out of town on Friday to visit my daughter and her family.


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