Sunday, 19 October 2014

Quilt Hack #3 - Magna Doodle

I know what you're thinking -- how the heck is Magna Doodle a quilt hack? I swear I haven't lost it...yet. One of the great ways to build muscle memory for free motion quilting is to practice drawing continuous line motifs. I use my kids' Magna Doodle to practice motifs and figure out how to get in and out of corners.

Aren't those Diego bandaids pretty? ;)
Ann McLean from The Country Quilter kindly sent me some photos of the Modern Free Motion Quilting Sampler class I taught there in September. And look at that...there's a photo of me demonstrating how I use the Magna Doodle. 

Using the Magna Doodle
It was such a gorgeous day that we ate outside in the yard.

There was also a lot of quilt talk...

And we did get a LOT of quilting in...

 I think everyone slept well that night. :) Thank you Ann for the photos! 


  1. What a great idea. I need a Magna Doodle!!

  2. great idea and nice pics!

  3. Thanks for sharing the magna doodle tip. These are great photo's in a great setting. It looks so beautiful I want to go there.

  4. Awesome idea, MR! And looks like you had a great time teaching. Lucky students...


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