Thursday, 12 November 2015

TGIFF! - Carsick!

Welcome to TGIFF! I'm freaking thrilled to say that Carsick is finally done! Woo hoo!

This scrappy trip quilt started in 2012 when it was all the craze. My lovely Carmine group bee mates from the Simply Solids bee made 11 of the blocks here, with me supplying them with a grey and a purple.

Carsick quilt on grass

I was hoping that using the constant of a grey and a purple in each block would pull the scrappiness together, but it didn't quite work out as hoped.

Vertical photo of Carsick quilt

I think the problem is that each block has a colourway that works well with the grey and the purple in it's block, but is often very different from the blocks surrounding it. In hindsight, I think it also would have worked better if all the blocks were completely scrappy.

Folded Carsick quilt on fence

Also, if the blocks had a consistent value progression, I think it would have been a more successful composition. Live and learn!

Carsick quilt re-folded and hanging on fence

That said, I learned a lot about colour palettes in making this quilt. I adore many of the blocks in this quilt, just not so much together. From the blocks that my Carmine bee mates made me, I saw some fabulous colour combos that I wouldn't have thought to try.

If I couldn't love the front, I figured that I would try to love the back. Purples and greys, and a mix of solids and prints.

Vertical photo of purple and grey back of Carsick quilt

Yep, happy with the back, especially with the quilting!

I tried out some different quilting options, but the thought of quilting one all over design on this quilt just didn't appeal to me. So I decided to break it up. Did some orange peels, twists, and clamshells using some charcoal Aurifil thread on the top and some purple Aurifil on the back.

Close up photo of free motion quilting motifs on back of Carsick quilt.

I find doing different motifs breaks it up and adds some interest. It definitely made quilting it more interesting.

Folded view of the back of Carsick quilt.

Another angle of folded back of Carsick quilt.

This quilt is 73" by 97".  It's finally off my WIP list. Happy dance!

Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday Blog Party


  1. I think it looks great!! I love it!

  2. Must feel awesome to have this one all done! I like it and the quilting is such a great idea. I think I might have to try that on my next quilt. I really like how you broke up the different sections with some straight lines.

  3. Well it may not have turned out quite like you thought but it's still very striking. I love how you handled the quilting and the name - perfect! ;-)

  4. Carsick!!
    Full of quirky character! The quilting is amazing too.

  5. There's definitely something about that quilt though. It reminds me of those huge stained glass windows in cathedrals. All a mix of colour and underneath a pattern xxx

  6. Well I think it is stunning! I have just spent ages looking at it as there is so much going on individually and yet to me it looks wonderful overall. Great quilting and I love the back but unlike you the front is my favourite. xx

  7. It is busy and bright, but I really do love it! I think the fact that it has variation in the colors that aren't necessarily harmonious in every single section give the quilt a lot of movement and interest.

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  8. It certainly doesn't live up (or down?) to its name M-R, it is a wonderful riot of colour and a great quilt!

  9. I really like your quilt! The colors are so sharp - I can see why they call it carsick :) Linking up a tutorial for using up those mini fabric scraps and loose threads.

  10. I happen to love bright, this works! The name is hilarious and the quilting is amazing!

  11. I really love it. Embrace the craziness!

  12. My guess is this quilt will become a favorite! It is quirky and fun.

  13. There is a lot going on in this quilt, but I really like it.

  14. I'm not gonna lie to you. Back is much better with all the lovely quilting on it.

  15. love it front and back and the quilting is amazing! I actually like the fact that it's not 'cohesive'. Aptly named too!

  16. It's a gorgeous scrappy finish. You've definitely earned your happy dance. =)

  17. It's amazing. I like that you used different quilting designs.

  18. Congrats on your finish! !! I'm still working on my quilt, can't believe it's been 3 years.

  19. Yay to you for finishing this quilt, M-R!! I don't even remember which block I made, it was so long ago! It is very colourful, but so much fun to look at too. I hope it will grow on you.

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