Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Works in Progress Wednesday - June 27, 2012

School's out for all the munchkins now and so far everyone is happy with Camp Mommy. With some LMFAO playing (they learned the lyrics at school and they are singing it all the time anyway), we even got the basement cleaned up today. I didn't think it would actually work, but it did! There were many "Mommy, check out my new move" interruptions and the clean up took waaayyyy longer than it could have, but they had so much fun dancing around and being complete goofballs. Adorable! And I got a clean basement. Win-win!

Unfortunately, Camp Mommy is putting a serious crimp on my quilting time. To the point that I missed Modern Block Monday. Gasp! I think it's fair to say that I probably won't be blogging as much this summer, but we'll see how it goes. 

New Projects: 
Colour My World BrownI've settled on the design and it's not at all what I had thought about doing at the beginning of the month. I've got to get a move on though -- the linky party will be going up on Saturday!

Completed Projects: 
Teacher Gifts: I made some of these lunch bags using Ayumi Mills' lunch bag tutorial and some of two tone coasters. I shared some of them on Friday for TGIFF! Here are the two I finished since then for Micah's teachers. I love that this lunch bag design works with many fabric styles, but I'm a bit done with making lunch bags for now. ;) 

Current Projects: 

Selvage pincushions - No progress.

Spiral/Spring seta colour
Wedding quilt
Nine patch colourwash

WIP Wednesday Recap:
New projects: 10
Completed projects: 9
Current projects: 4
On Hold/UFO: 14

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
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What are you working on?


  1. I hear ya M-R! Camp Mommy has definitely put a damper on sewing time over here! I haven't even cut out my brown star yet!! I also have a clean basement though!! Yay for summertime and little helpers!!

  2. congrats on a successful beginning to Camp Mommy!

    I keep meaning to write you and tell you that I got a delightful little packing the mail on Monday, but this public version is MUCH better, don't you think? lol

    Thanks - I'd forgotten about it so it was a lovely surprise!

    Have fun with Camp Mommy! xo

  3. Oh I can only imagine how busy you must be with the camp mommy thingy. Enjoy it though...they will be gone before you know it; and you wondering what

  4. I lovet he lunch bags..and hang in there and enjoy the summer..keep them working!

  5. Great lunch bags! It made me smile to see how you have organized your projects in lists. I think it would help me to have lists like that (even the 'no progress' ones).

  6. I'm doing a temporary Camp Granny at the moment but my camper is a bit too little to be helping with the cleaning:) I really like those lunch bags. Great gift idea.

  7. Your lunchbags are great! I love your colour choices. I'm sure that the teachers will find them very useful. Enjoy your summer activities with the little ones, it goes by tooooo fast!

  8. Camp Mommy is more important - go and have fun! And enjoy the moves and your clean basement!

    Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

  9. Your lunch box totes are fabulous. How wonderful that you take the time to make gifts for your children's teachers. Teachers are so often given a bad rap. Way to go!

    If you don't have enough time to blog this summer don't sweat it. Kids are home for only a short time. I know from experience because my youngest is 27 and my oldest is 33. Oh how I miss having them home.

  10. Pretty bags. I'm really drawn to the fabrics in the second one.

  11. Enjoy camp mommy as much as you can! Mine are grown and spread out as far as S Korea. It goes by so fast!

  12. Happy kids and a clean basement, now that's a result! Love your lunch bags they will have made such a change from the usual run-of-the-mill teacher gifts, I am sure they will be much appreciated. I wish my boys were young enough to think that cleaning could be fun! The youngest is 22 and thinks that the floor is his wardrobe :(

  13. The lunch bags are a great idea for a teacher gift! Maybe you can think of quilty projects the kids can do at camp mommy?


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