Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Works in Progress Wednesday - July 25, 2012

It's been two weeks since I did a WIP report so it actually looks like I accomplished a lot. He he!

I've been getting my studio cleaned up and organized. It's slow going, but it's looking good so far, but there's still a lot more to go. I've also been getting at my scrap baskets and trimming scraps into strips or squares of various widths while watching TV in the evenings with the hubster. I want to use the scraps for a scrappy leader/ender project. I'm also intrigued with the idea that I saw on someone's site (sorry, I forget who!) Regina's Quilts about putting the unusable scraps into an old pillowcase. When it's filled up, I'll sew it closed and give it to an animal shelter. Love that idea! Thanks Regina!

New Projects: 
Colour My World Pink - July's colour is pink. I've picked out the fabrics that I'm going to use, but I'd better get a move on this because the end of the month is coming up fast!

Completed Projects:
Don't Worry {Bee} Happy - July's Block is for Marian of Lady Face. She picked the Sunshine block from the recent Fat Quarterly issue. If anyone else is doing that block, be aware that you actually need 20 of the little aqua dots (white in the pattern), not 16. At Marian's request, we are adding in a fabric of our choice. I hope she likes my choice!

Placemat: Another placemat for Daniel. I love those monkeys! Patrick has picked out his fabrics, but it's been too nice around here to stay in and sew. This is a sad little attempt at trying to get my kids sitting and eating properly at the table. So far, it's still a gong show.

Sophie's Growth Chart: Finished and blogged about! I'm still pulling together the tutorial for it for the Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop, which was organized by Beth of Plum and June. Fun!

Current Projects: 
Hudson's Bay Point Blanket Quilt - Basted!

Seeing the Forest for the Trees Quilt: Blocks are complete! Playing with cornerstone and sashing arrangements. This?
Or this?

Can you even tell the difference? Me neither. And it doesn't really matter now because one of my kids turned on the fan and the sashing went everywhere. Oops. Now I remember why I didn't have a fan in that room. LOL.

On Hold/UFO Mash-up:
Modern Block Monday Sampler - No progress. On hold until the Fall.
Selvage pincushions - No progress.
Chop Suey
Wee Spy quilt
Spiral/Spring seta colour
Wedding quilt
Nine patch colourwash

WIP Wednesday Recap:
New projects: 1
Completed projects: 3
Current projects: 2
On Hold/UFO: 16


  1. It always makes me happy to look at Seeing The Forest For The Trees. The colours are so vibrant....even if they have been blown over by the wind!ha! Great idea to stuff scraps in a pillowcase for a pet bed! I'm going to start doing that too.

  2. Absolutely love the growth chart! And your trees are wonderful!

  3. Everything looks great M-R. I love the growth chart too. It is adorable! I'm not a pink person, but the block looks wonderful. Those trees; I have to do those one day..really like them...and I prefer the first sashing seems a bit lighter. maybe not the fabrics at

  4. As always wonderful work. Your growth chart is really a great idea.

  5. Yes, where has the month gone??? That ree quilt is SO lovely. I am going to HAVE to make one. Not this month though. You arte doing great!

  6. What a busy woman you have been ! Nice work M R !

  7. I can see the difference! The second one looks a bit darker, the forest that is just a bit spooky to walk through, the first one looks like spring is on the horizon...

  8. Whew. You've been keeping busy!

    Love the Can't See the Forest for the Trees quilt. It's looking so gorgeous!

  9. Love those trees M-R!! Looks gorgeous! I actually finished my pink block last week!! Can't believe I am ahead of the game!!

  10. You must be really disciplined to sew so much in summer. I had to cringe when I read about the fan mishap, too close to my reality......
    I'm stuffing pillows for the SPCA with my thread ends etc., and am always surprised how fast those pillows accumulate.

  11. I love your Forest for the Trees quilt. Very beautiful! Love the idea about stuffing a pillowcase! I will have to start that, great idea.


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