Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Works in Progress Wednesday - The Early Edition

First WIP post of 2013! I'm posting this early because any non-child time tomorrow will be spent prepping for my lecture at the Richmond Area Quilt Guild tomorrow night. Very excited, but nervous too.

So what have I been up to since my last report? A lot!

New Projects:

Scrappy Trip Along: I took a sip of the Scrappy Trip Along Kool-Aid last week and I'm hooked. Did another 'test block' to see if this is what I'll ask my bee mates to make for the Simply Solids Carmine group (so my colour!). I suspect that I may 'test' this block some more. ;)

Original test block

New test block
Completed Projects:

Commissioned Wee Spy: Started and completed. Will share photos once the quilt arrives in sunny Burbank, California.

Current Projects: 

Su{Brrr}nova: Top complete and I love, love, love it! More details here.

Seeing the Forest for the Trees QuiltIt's back on the design wall this week and I can't thank you all enough for your feedback yesterday. I tried out Debbie's idea of flipping the trees so the 2nd and 4th rows are reflections of the 1st and 3rd. I also played around some more with the layouts and tried having the trees all upright. I think I've settled on the layout now, but I'll leave that as a surprise for Friday. :)

Wedding quilt
Nine patch colourwash

WIP Wednesday Recap: 
New projects: 1
Completed projects: 1
Current projects: 2
On Hold/UFO: 16

Right Click to Save ImageWIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Hoping that you are having a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Do you know I actually happen to have strips already sewn together in twosy sets, it wouldn't take much for me to drink a little kool aid with ya! Your test blocks have actually tempted me (the others make me say, oh isn't that nice). Well thanks for sharing, I guess we all better get our scrappy-selves in line!

  2. PS I so love the idea of a Solids bee! I will be looking forward to seeing what comes from the group!

  3. Great start to 2013!!
    and good luck for your lecture!

  4. I like the value shifts in your first scrappy trip block. Trees are coming along great!

  5. Love your scrappy blocks M-R! And I can't wait to see what layout you settled on for your trees...love the suspense! Good luck with your lecture tonight. I am sure you will be fabulous, as always!

  6. Just this morning I was looking for some pictures of a scrappy trip along block made with all solids. love yours! I've got so many scraps of solids that I want to use too!

  7. I can see why you love the SuBrrrnova. I do too!!

  8. I love the solids in your Scrappy Trip Along! And your trees piece is so rich!

  9. Great test blocks! Your have me on pins and needles waiting to see what layout for your trees you have chosen!

  10. Love all your projects, but then I usually do! Very cool, speaking at the Richmond Area Quilt Guild.

  11. oh my - I just can't get over how long your list is! ; ) Pretty - And thanks for linking to TN&TN
    : )

  12. Love your scrappy trip blocks!

  13. Wow! You sure are productive and with children! :). I really like those trees and the mirror imaging effect! Good luck on your presentation! I would love to hear it!

  14. I like the gray trip best. Your trees quilt really speaks to me I love it.

  15. I see you are in the simply solids bee too! I still have to think of a block, but this trippy thing is a great idea! I am not a huge fan of it, but if it was all solids... maybe! Your Super(brr)nova is awesome too! Is there a pattern or block for that?


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