Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Works in Progress Wednesday - The Procraftination Edition

Yes, I'm procrastinating, or procraftinating as I saw recently on an e-card; doing crafty things instead of what I'm supposed to be doing. Except...can you procraftinate from finishing another craft project?

I've been holding off from quilting Su{Brrr}nova and Seeing The Forest For The Trees because I was waiting for the machine insert for my new Gidget table. Santa brought me the table for Christmas, but the insert just arrived on Monday. Woo hoo! I've been adjusting my work set up and getting used to the table. Hopefully this will mean fewer shoulder/neck issues when I'm free motion quilting. No more excuses to get at those quilts now, right?

So how have I been procraftinating?

New Projects:

Something New Sampler: I am having sooo much fun with this quiltalong! On Monday, I shared these blocks:
Something New Sampler - Fabric Folding
Fabric Folding

Something New Sampler - Scrappy Strips
Scrappy Strips
This week's blocks are Sashiko and Reverse Appliqué. I'm already done mine and loving them both. I never understood what was the big deal about Sashiko before. Now I get it. :D

Reverse Appliqué
Here's another sneak peak at my trapunto block that I'll be sharing for this Sampler on Monday. You know you want to try it... ;)

Completed Projects: 

Bee Blocks:

Don't Worry {Bee} Happy
Simply Solids - Carmine Group
Current Projects: 

Scrappy Trip Along: A couple more 'test' blocks, but I forgot to take pictures. :)

Su{Brrr}nova: White backing and yummy stripe binding are ready. Trying to psych myself up for de-threading the top and backing before basting so no coloured threads show through the white. Oh yeah, this is why I hated white. Sigh.

Seeing the Forest for the Trees Quilt: Everything's ready to be basted.

Wedding quilt
Nine patch colourwash

WIP Wednesday Recap: 
New projects: 1
Completed projects: 2
Current projects: 3
On Hold/UFO: 16

Right Click to Save ImageWIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Hoping that you are having a wonderful Wednesday and that it's warmer, dryer and sunnier where you are!


  1. Gosh, I just love all of your blocks.

  2. Procraftinate! very cute! Don't I wish... I never thought to give bargello a modern twist. Great idea!

  3. Love that word.....beautiful projects

  4. As usual I'm inspired by your projects.

  5. Wow!! I am tired have a lot of wonderful projects on the them all

  6. Really nice work, MR. LOVE the bright colours!

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your sashiko block and the reverse appliqué! I can't wait to see what you will make with all of those "Rainbow Brite blocks".

  8. I love that reverse applique block! The fabric folding one is great too. I love all the rainbows that I see around blogland these days.


  9. I really love how your sampler blocks are turning out. They are some of my favorites in the Flickr group.

  10. Oooo, I love all the different blocks for the Something New sampler!

  11. Such gorgeous projects - I love all of the COLOR!

  12. love the sashiko block am printing hexi's as we type

  13. Wow, I don't know what to comment on first-- love it all! Especially those first few sampler blocks. Beautiful work!
    Also, Procraftinating = awesome

  14. Love all your blocks!!! Having your machine inset into your table makes a huge difference!

  15. I really love those vibrant colours but also the crispness of the white! Your seams are perfect 1/4, so well ironed! I also love your lists and want to make my own but I am afraid ;)...too many projects on my plate! the Sashiko is so dainty. You sure have been busy!

  16. Your sampler blocks are fabulous! Such bright colours. I especially like the reverse applique and bargello ones! Can't wait for next week! :)

  17. All the blocks you posted are wonderful. I love how you are using rainbow colors for the Something New Sampler. It is going to look stunning put together! Procraftinate is such a great term. I procraftinate from finishing other projects all the time, especially once I reach the basting stage :D

  18. Gorgeous blocks. I love all those bright colours :)

  19. Your blocks are wonderful. Thanks for sharing and inspiring. I love that first one your working on. I'll be back to see the progress.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  20. Wish my procraftination was as productive as yours!


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