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Snow Day for Works in Progress Wednesday

It was the first snow day of the year here yesterday. The kids were outside at 8 a.m. building forts and planning their epic snowball fight. How is it that getting them ready for the bus at 8:45 is a battle, but they can be dressed out the door by 8 when there's snow?! I had plans to do a WIP post yesterday, but alas the snow was calling. We all slept very well last night!

New Projects:

Yes, two new projects!

Baby Quilt: One of my cousins (I have a lot of cousins :) ) is expecting her first in February. Her requests were 1) grey, aqua, white and 2) elephants. The grey background is looking a little dark so I think I may change it to Kona Ash. I ordered some elephants on chevrons for the backing from Spoonflower. This is the first time I've used Spoonflower so I'm keen to see how it goes.

Improv Chevrons: I've also started a commission for a friend. Machine appliquéd kids' hands on white and black and white prints on one side for a favourite teacher. Funky chevrons on …


I've been piecing more Scrappy Trip blocks as leader/enders and just so I can get all of the blocks done by our first OMQG Sew-In this Sunday. I'd like to lay them all out and piece them during the Sew-In. Something I didn't expect in doing this quilt is how much fun playing with the colour palettes in each block would be.

Sometimes I tried putting some fabulous colours together….

Other times I just tried whatever and was pleasantly surprised by the result…

And other times I just tried whatever and got, well, whatever… ;)

It's going to be fun to put all these blocks together on Sunday!

TGIFF! - Home

You better believe this week is a TGIFF! around here! I'm very happy to say that I did finish Home in time for wedding (given my history, it's definitely not a sure thing that it would be done). So yay! Happy dance!

Photos were quickly taken on the way to reception so they aren't great, but this baby's done and the quilt is with the happy couple.

The name of the quilt was inspired by the giant log cabin side. My cousin and her new husband are both police officers and I know they deal with a lot of the rougher elements of our society. I wanted to contribute something special to their home and haven.

Their wedding was so much fun! We had a wonderful time with our family. Don't you think there should be more weddings?

Home - Log Cabin Side: A little bit traditional...

Home - Improv side: A little bit modern...

I really fell in love with the look of the quilting on the improv side. Gives a bit of a woven look. 

Besides the inserts on the improv piecing side, I tried a …

Home - A Work in Progress

Happy Monday, all! The reason you didn't hear much from me last week was because I was madly trying to turn this

and this

into a finished quilt by Friday for my cousin's wedding this past Saturday. She and her new husband both love red so that's the colour I went with!

I have to say that I LOVED piecing the improv side. It's made with the scraps from the giant log cabin side plus the scraps from this quilt. I then inserted the grey strips so that they appear to be floating on top of the background reds. This was a challenge and it was so much fun! I think you'll be seeing more of this type of piecing from me in the future.

This side also took way longer to put together than I had planned though. The log cabin side was finished a couple of weeks ago, but the improv side was finished Tuesday morning; just four days before the wedding (three days before we had to leave for said wedding). Gulp!

I was planning on doing matchstick quilting on this quilt because I just lo…