Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Chilling in Chile!

It was so blessedly hot yesterday that I was actually missing a bit o' winter. With a few hours to go travelling last night, why not go somewhere where it is a little chillier right now? So Chile it was, or Republic of Chile as it is officially called. According to the Weather Network, it was a cool 8 degrees Celsius (46 degrees Fahrenheit) in Santiago, the capital of Chile. Perfect.

A few interesting things about Chile - it is one of two countries in South America that do not border Brazil (Ecuador is the other one). And it claims a good chunk of Antarctica, although all claims are apparently suspended under the Antartica Treaty. Also, Easter Island is one of its main tourist attractions.

On to the quilting blogs with Quilting Bloggers. Yay! Chile is largely a Spanish speaking country so most of the blogs were in Spanish. I speak English and French so this was interesting. Thankfully a few of the sites had a translate button - love it!

Cats, appliqué and embroidery were some of the common themes I found among the blogs. What I found very interesting is that the embroidered words were often in English.

On el Blog de Miriam, I found a beautiful Quilt Pablito. And a very cute appliqué Bee Block. If I interpreted correctly, Miriam went to Puerto Ibáñez, a border town near Argentina, with a friend of hers and she posted some gorgeous photos of the mountains and countryside.

On Poco de Patchwork y Mas, I found a graffic black and white appliqué pattern that I want to try.

Maria Elena's blog is bilingual (Spanish and English) so it's much easier for me to follow. First I find a really cute table runner and table topper. She also describes and shows how she machine quilts. I also love the scrappy look of her Patches Tablecloth.

Glad to see hexies are popular in Chile too. Mi Rincòn Favorito de Patchwork made some neat hexi curtains and a fun brick quilt.

Now if I could visit Santiago, I would definitely check out The Quilt Shop in person. I found these beauties on their site, although it looks like they are from a quilt show in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Yasmin from Patchwork Mi Pasion has a couple of great slideshows on her blog. You won't see it with an iPad though -- not sure why. Loved her A Boy Story. Fun! Also, Yasmin posted some photos (scroll down) of what I think is Joanne Rose's Red and White quilt exhibit in New York? And I really liked her placemats.

Another fun trip, more great quilts and inspiration. Hopefully I understood and interpreted this information correctly. I also hope you enjoyed this too. If you liked this visit, check out my other visits Around the Quilting Blogosphere.


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