Wednesday, 21 September 2011

To Serbia With Love

Cathedral of Saint Sava, Belgrade,
the world's largest Orthodox church
Source: Wikipedia

What with the munchkins home for the summer, getting back to school, and gearing up for our Fall/Winter activities, it's been a while since I've had time to do any virtual travelling. When no one was looking the other day though, I snuck off to Serbia!

As I've mentioned before, I like checking my blog's Stats page to see where my visitors are coming from. I've noticed that Serbia has popped up a few times lately so I thought I'd make my next trip there. I've never been in person either so I wanted to learn more.

Beyond the Kosovo War in the 1990s and some of the more recent conflicts with Kosovo, I didn't know much about Serbia so I made a quick stop at Wikipedia to learn a bit more. What an interesting country and history! A landlocked country in the Balkans, Serbia is a little smaller than the state of Maine in the U.S. and was a part of the former Republic of Yugoslavia. An odd little item I noticed is that Serbia has over 9.60 million cell phone users, which surpasses the total population of Serbia itself by 30%. That's a lot of people who have more than one cell phone, don't you think?

According to Wikitravel, there were seventeen Roman emperors born in the territory of today's Serbia and they all left monuments and built palaces in or close to their birthplaces. Would love to check that out someday in person!

On to the quilty blogs...Quilting Bloggers, my travel agent of choice for these trips, has only two quilt blog listings for the country known for giving the tennis world Novak Djokovic.

I spotted some very fun cell phone covers on Ivana Member of Snoopy Gang's blog -- what a fun blog name. From what Google Translate tells me, it's because Ivana raises beagles. Some of her posts are in both Serbian and English - handy! In addition to some cute puppy photos, Ivana has a post about some mug rugs she received from her mug rug swap partner Inge from Denmark (hmm, maybe I should go to Denmark next). In the photo of the mug rug, I spotted some fabric I have (in green though). I picked it up in Holland on our last big travel trip before kids. Ah, Amsterdam. What a great trip that was!

Anyhoo, back to this trip. Lily Art Design, the other blog listed for Serbia, has only been blogging for a couple of months. She has some beautiful free motion quilting going on here and here! And I'm liking her Winter Snowflakes.

If one or both of these ladies has been visiting my blog, thank you and keep up the great work with your blogs!

Now I'm curious how many cell phones these two have...

Well, that's all she wrote for this trip. If you enjoyed this, check out my other trips Around the Quilting Blogosphere!

Живели (Cheers!)

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  1. hi M-R
    nice to spot your blog.. you see, I am Serbian born, living last 22 years in South Africa and planing to go back to Serbia next year; I was bitten by a quilt bug in January this year - and just finishing my first (queen size) quilt now - but I already have done parts for 4 more tops that are next to complete and quilt. I am loving it!
    Since I'm 57 now, I plan kind-of early retirement which will be ideal for more quilting - but at my recent visit to Belgrade I discovered that they do have rotary cutters and cutting mats, as well as some rulers...but 100% cotton fabric is very difficult to find, and I have no idea if they have other notions available...applique paper, curved pins, special treads, batting...I came to your site while I was trying to find out if there are quilters and quilter supplies seriously frightens me..that there is so little to find...But on the other hand, Serbian ladies do a lot of weaving, crocheting, knitting..and garment sewing; patchwork was never too popular there - there is not even name for 'quilt' in Serbian !
    Anyway, if you decide to come to Serbia sometimes from autumn 2014 and on..drop a line - be my guest! in the meantime, if I find more quilters there, I'll let you know!
    Regards, Lillyanna (Pozdrav od Ljiljane)


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