Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Works in Progress Wednesday - September 12, 2012

Oh WIP maker, it has been six weeks since my last WIP report and I'm afraid that I've fallen off the wagon. I have started four projects and only completed two. Sigh! In my defence, they really are fun projects. :)

New Projects: 

Modern Goodness - Loving this new project!

Heathia - It's done. Woo hoo! I'll be sharing this on Friday when I host TGIFF! Remember, if you've got a recent finish, you are welcome to come link up and celebrate. Here's a sneak peek:

Torn-strip Appliqué Landscape -

Appliqué/Quilt/Paint Thing -

Completed Projects:
Don't Worry {Bee} Happy - August's Block is for Alisha of A Squared Craft Affair.

Colour My World White - Finished and shared.

Current Projects: 
Mini I Spy Charity Quilt - Top completed. This is the project I was working on when I cut my thumb. I had intended to do the Jester quilting motif for the 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge, but got a bit sidelined by the rotary cutter. I know y'all are, I didn't bleed on the fabric. :D

Hudson's Bay Point Blanket Quilt - Half way quilted. Good Lord is straight line quilting boring!

Stained Glass Lillies - Progress on the stems/leaves. Yay!

On Hold/UFO Mash-up:
Modern Block Monday Sampler - No progress. On hold until the Fall. Oh crap, it's Fall. I'll be pulling this out and 
Selvage pincushions - No progress.
Chop Suey
Wee Spy quilt
Spiral/Spring seta colour
Wedding quilt
Nine patch colourwash

Out-of-Control WIP Wednesday Recap:
New projects: 5
Completed projects: 2
Current projects: 4
On Hold/UFO: 15


  1. Even with a wounded digit you have been productive.

  2. Well, look at you go girl!! Love the grey and green in Modern Goodness. Your applique and painting is stunning, and of course, your Bay Blanket warms my heart!

  3. Everything is just beautiful. Yes, straight line quilting IS boring. Your green and grey is SO pretty!

  4. Loving your Modern Goodness - I'm about to start playing with those colours too - just delish! I am so anxious to see your full Heathia reveal - the little tease I can see has me wanting to get a closer look at your quilting.

  5. Like I told you before, I am always impressed by what you can accomplish despite a super very busy life! I am so glad I got a close look at Heathia, a beautiful piece! Hope to have the priviledge to see stained glass lillies soon! It was nice to meet you in person at the OVQG last meeting!

  6. I love looking at all the yummy stuff you are working on!

  7. Everything looks good. Triangles are my favourite shape. Heathia is stunning and the torn landscape thrilling and... well, you get the drift! Good job!

  8. All your projects look so fresh and happy! Just lovely!!

  9. Sorry you cut yourself, but never worried you might have gotten blood on your fabric, what real fiber enthusiast would do that ;-) . Lots of nice projects!

  10. I am in love with your Modern Goodness! The colours are just fantastic! Also, i can't wait to see how your Point Blanket quilt comes out. I have a feeling I'll be willing to trade you my point blanket for your quilt!

  11. Seriously productive considering the finger incident. Your WIP list makes me feel a lot better about mine! ;)

  12. Some seriously gorgeous work going on. I love it:)


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