Modern Block Tuesday - Four Acres

Happy May Day! It's rather soggy here at the moment so I don't think there will be much dancing around the maypole this year. ;)

This week's block is Four Acres by Solidia Hubbard from 99 Modern Blocks, compiled by Susanne Woods. Solidia did her block in some great modern prints on a white background. Here is mine:

Feels very springlike to me! :)

Completed blocks to date:
Next week's block is Mondrian, designed by Jamie Mailanen. Can't wait!

Have a great Tuesday, all!


  1. Very pretty and Spring like!

    Happy May day to you, too! It's kinda soggy here at the moment, but oh-joy... it's May! Warm weather must be ahead. ;o)

  2. Happy May Day!
    I love the tones in that block, very pretty and spring like indeed!


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