Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Works in Progress Wednesday - May 2, 2012

Another productive week! Unfortunately, the Ottawa Senators got eliminated from the playoffs, as did the Ottawa 67s from the Junior A playoffs. We had some despondent members of the family here, but they seem to have rallied. The interest in the playoffs is still pretty high though so I may still get some extra quilting time. :)

New Projects: I joined my first bee and our kickoff is this month. The fabulous Katie from There and Back organized this fun Don't Worry {Bee} Happy gang. The talented Rebecca from Sew Festive is our Queen Bee this month and she requested this fun triangle log cabin. Aren't those fabrics yummy? It took me a week to gather my courage to cut into those fabrics -- I was so afraid of messing it up! Told myself to stop being a wuss on Monday and got to work. It's done! Phew! Fingers crossed, I hope she likes it. 

Completed Projects: 

Night Flowers (a.k.a. black modern mini) - Done! And all my modern minis are now hanging in my sewing room. Yay!

Colour My World Yellow challenge: So it went from this last week:

To this

I'm walking on sunshine, waaaa-oooh! 

Current Projects:
Modern Block Monday Sampler - This week was Four Acres by Solidia Hubbard. 

FMQQAYGQAL/QAYGFMQQAL - I'm working on the sashing and it's going well. 

Chop Suey - no progress.

Micah's Growth Chart - Pulled it off the on hold list and started quilting it. Again with the skipped stitches, broken threads and broken needles. Soooo frustrating! Thorough cleaning (twice), changed the needle three times (two embroidery and then a topstitch), rethreaded top and bottom, changed the tension, turned off the machine, walked away to cool off, came back and tried again. Still ran into some skipped stitches here and there but just went with it as it's just the first layer of quilting. Added to that frustration is that some of the flames that had been secured with repositionable 404 spray were coming off. In hindsight, I wish I'd used fusible web instead. I managed to secure the loose flames back on with a light layer of quilting. Hopefully this whole project will go better today. 'Cause really, other than this actually catching on fire, I'm not sure it could get worse.


Spiral/Spring seta colour
Wedding quilt
Nine patch colourwash

WIP Wednesday Recap:
New projects: 1
Completed projects: 3
Current projects: 4
On Hold/UFO: 14

I'm linking in to WIP Wednesday at The Needle and Thread Network and to W.i.P. Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. Thanks, wonderful women, for hosting such great parties!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
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Have a great Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Your colour my world yellow challenge looks fabulous. It was intriguing as a sketch, it is inspiring as a quilt!

  2. Oh my!! Your yellow challenge is GAH-orgeous. Wow.

    Also, I thought MY "to do" list was long with 12 items (plus a few sub-items), but your 40 puts me to shame. Ha ha!!

  3. Wow! LOVE! the yellow sun! The Night flowers are great too. I'm sorry you're having trouble with the machine quilting. I wish I could suggest something. If you're breaking needles, are you moving the fabric faster than the stitching maybe?

  4. love your sun with the yin and yang centre! Very expressive and unusual!

  5. The don't worry bee happy block looks wonderful!! I've been a bit nervous to make mine but think I'm going to do mine today. I love all the projects you're working on, so bright and colorful!!

  6. You know how I them all!!! But that yellow is to die for. The new piece is very neat too...I really like the color and the little cirles in the different...nice.

  7. The yellow challenge piece is wonderful. I really like your modern minis...the black with the bright colours:)

  8. ooh, bite your tongue. No fire unless it is an inner creative burning. :) The sun is stunning and I do really like that triangle for the bee.

  9. Love the triangle log cabin the pattern available?

  10. Love them all !! even the flames!
    The sun is stunning! Do you have more details on this one ...I will scroll back and check!

  11. I love every thing! As for the thread breaking: have you tried another bobbin? I have one that causes thread breakage (and if you have one don't do as I have done and put it back with the others!). Good luck.

  12. Your colour my world piece is fanfreakingtastic! I'm really wowed by it! I loved making Rebecca's triangle log cabins, it was such a fun block!

  13. Wow! You sure are motivating me to take out some stippling that I have tried but got discouraged. I love your bold colours and the sun is stunning! Threadpainted? Thanks for visiting me!

  14. I hate it when everything seems to go wrong, but you seem to have a positive attitude that will pull you through the technical difficulties. Your work on the Colour My World Yellow challenge is stunning! I don't see how anyone could not like the triangle log cabin--it's so much fun!

  15. Your triangle block is awesome, and I think the colour my world yellow block is a.mazing!

  16. Your Walking on Sunshine is Gorgeous!!! How big is it? I like the triangle log cabin, too.

  17. Wonderful projects and I just love your yellow challenge piece.

  18. Not sure where to start with the I LOVE its! Love the log cabin triangle block....colors are lovely! Your Night Flowers is stunning!

  19. Wow - that's quite a line-up! Your modern mini series qualify as art, and your yellow challenge piece is amazing!

  20. I do love the triangle block :)

  21. LOVE the YELLOW!!

    PS - what machine do you have!??? re: skipped stitches. I can tell you EXACTLY what it is if it's a Horizon you are using...



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