Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Works in Progress Wednesday - February 1, 2012

Well, it was a great quilting week until yesterday afternoon. Oh, the frustration! Skipped stitches all over the place! I did everything I could think of and there were still problems while I was trying to free motion quilt. I thought it odd that I didn't have any problems when I switched to my walking foot. Does that seem odd to you too? Finally, I just shut down the machine and left the room. 

Determined to go to bed on better speaking terms though, I went back to it last night and did next week's Modern Block Monday block. It worked just fine. No FMQ though -- we'll try that today. I'm hoping that with a good night's sleep, we'll both be in a better mood to try it again. 

Anyhoo, here's my progress this week...

New Projects: None

Completed Projects: 
Colour My World Red Challenge - January's Red challenge is complete. February is Purple. Yum!

Bearly Finished Linus quilt - Pulled from the UFO pile, bypassed "On Hold", zipped by Current Projects and landed in the Completed Projects pile. Woo hoo!

Current Projects:
Modern Block Monday Sampler - This week was Woven Block. Although it's not from the book, I loved this block in SewHappyGeek's QAL and had to try it. Love it even more in my quilt's colours!

Tangled Garden - Progress! I worked a bit backwards on the quilting for this one. I stabilized the centre garden first by stitch in the ditch and then did leaves in the border. Yesterday afternoon, I started free motion quilting some of the flowers. It worked well for a while and then...well, you saw my opening paragraph. Could this quilt be too much for my Bernina? Please no! 

Micah's Growth Chart - I undid the pillowcase binding and started free motion quilting it yesterday afternoon. Same problems as with Tangled Garden. I finally put on the walking foot and made a little progress on stabilizing some of the flames. If I have to do it all by walking foot, it's going to take a loooong time. Sigh!

Chop Suey - Made a couple more strip sets, but this week was mostly quilting rather than piecing.

FMQQAYGQAL/QAYGFMQQAL - The next two blocks are out, but I haven't done mine yet.

On Hold/UFO Mash-up:
Wee Spy quilts - 2
Red and Tan Amish Wedding Ring
Spiral/Spring seta colour
Wedding quilt
Linus quilt
Nine patch colourwash

WIP Wednesday Recap:
New projects: 0
Current projects: 5
Completed projects: 2
On Hold/UFO: 16

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
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What have you been working on?

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


  1. I like your color my world challenge. That's really neat looking.

  2. love your red quilt there, it's gorgeous! love the little dots, what a nice touch.
    when you FMQ, you use the right foot, and have the same setting as when you use the walking foot? do you drop the feed dogs or not? when I used to FMQ on my domestic I never dropped the feed dogs, some do, some don't. do you use the same thread you've used before when you FMQ? and you tried right after the skipped stitches to skip back to the walking foot and it worked fine? I don't know.... I would suggest rethreading the whole thing and try again or try a different thread, so many times it's the threads fault or it's not threaded right IMHO... sorry, just trying to help.

  3. I love your color my world quilt, wow!
    And yes, I've had the same problem with FMQ -- ultimately, switching thread (I now use only Gutterman 100% polyester for FMQ, and an 80/12 needle) worked to fix my problem!

  4. Always love your work.....could be a nick on your FM foot??? That could be catching the thread....has to be something like that if everything else is working...I would think.

  5. I'm really struck by your version of the woven block. I'm excited to see what you're going match this block with. It's very bold but beautiful. Aren't solids fun?

  6. I love that red quilt! Nice to see all your projects.

  7. I adore your red challege and your modern block is fab!

  8. I love your red challenge piece , very impressive:-)

  9. The red challenge spins my wheel but that woven block is very intriguing!

  10. Oh I do love that red block...loverly:)

  11. All gorgeous!! No idea about the fmq, weird. I usually change my needle when something odd happens!


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