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Leaving a Tangled Garden

I almost forgot about posting my January progress on the 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge with SewCalGal! Frances Moore, this month's expert, provided a great video tutorial on leaves earlier this month. 

I did my leaves on the border of my Tangled Garden quilt, a very old project that I had made to practice free motion quilting. My first attempt at free motion quilting this was a disaster so it got shoved in the closet for years.

In the last year though, I've finally learned how to free motion quilt and I have done some leaves before so I have the 'muscle memory' for the leaf shape. To try something new this time, I added a three-pronged vein in my leaves. A few look great, some look okay and some look like the leaf was stabbed by a trident!
I chose matching thread for the top and back, which made taking photos quite a challenge, but hides my mistakes beautifully. ;) I also added in the occasional loopy loo to help fill and change leaf direction.
Happy quilting!

Colour My World Red

Ah, red! Beautiful, bold, and powerful red. As the first month of my Colour My World Challenge is wrapping up (where the heck did January go?), it felt like I was living red a bit this month. When it came to my kids, it sometimes felt that anger was trying to best love. It didn't succeed, thankfully. It feels like I need a good dose of courage every Tuesday night as I help lead my son's Beaver Colony. Passion -- well, with the utmost affection, that ain't none of your beeswax! ;)

I'm thrilled with this first month of the challenge. I found that focussing on a small piece and using it to experiment with a colour and new-techniques-for-me) kept it fun and doable in a month. I hope those of you who are participating are feeling the same.

For my piece, which I'm going to call "Stop, in the name of love...and fire!", I wanted to try Madame Parfait's awesome swirling hexagon, but make it an octagon. Why an octagon? Well, I was thinking about the stop sign,…

Modern Block Monday - Woven Block

Okay, so it's a little early for Modern Block Monday, but since I'll be putting up my Colour My World Challenge post and linky later tomorrow, I figured I'd post this now -- and really, it's Monday somewhere in the world, right? :)

A few weeks ago,  I spotted this Woven Block on SewHappyGeek's site. LOVE! Just had to try it and thought it would work well with the other blocks I'm making for my modern block sampler. So glad I tried it. It was easy to put together and I love the look. How cool would this be as a whole quilt?

Completed Modern Blocks to date: Pinball MachineIt's a StretchPogo StickEverything EqualNext week, I'm back to the book with Alleyways by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr. I think it'll look funky in solids.
Since this is from SewHappyGeek's quilt along, I thought I'd link up to SewHappyGeek's Manic Monday and to Sew Modern Monday!

Happy Monday, all!

Colour My World Challenge

It's almost the end of the month, which means it's almost time to share our Red challenges. I'm so keen to see what other participants have done! I've finished my challenge top and just need to quilt it. Thankfully, I know what I want to do with the quilting so if I can get some quality quilting time in, it'll be done in time for Monday. Good thing because I'll be putting up the linky party on Monday and I'll leave it open in case people want to join in later.

I also had an idea that I'm hoping you all can help me with, whether you are participating in the challenge or not. I'd like to add a second linky party showcasing quilts with red in it so we can explore how red works with other colours in different designs and layouts. I'd love for you to link in any quilts you've done that have red as one of its main colours. It doesn't have to be the most dominant colour and the quilt could have been done last week, last month, last year, heck e…

TGIFF! - Bearly Finished

Happy Friday, all! I actually have a finish! Just bearly (ha ha), but I have one. And surprise! It's one from my may-never-get-done-UFO list (clearly I'm going to have to revisit that list as I've just pulled two things off of it).

I did a medium stipple last week on my friend's wedding blanket quilt. On Wednesday, as I was doing my WIP post, I was reminded that one of my UFOs is a teddy bear wholecloth Linus quilt that is already pin basted. Hmmm, I could finish my Linus quilt by doing a large stipple, which I'd never done. As the back of the wholecloth is a soft flannel, a large stipple would keep it soft and cuddly. Perfect!

One of the reasons this quilt was never finished before was because I couldn't free motion quilt (FMQ) it. I was just going to do straight lines on it, but my old machine's walking foot couldn't handle the thick, puffy poly batting without major shifting. Into the WIP pile it went. While I can FMQ now, I still wasn't sure tha…

Works in Progress Wednesday - January 25, 2012

Yay, it's been another productive week. It helps that the temps outside were in the -20 degrees Celsius, which means I avoid going out as much as possible. It also helped that I got a couple of unexpected evening/afternoon quilt sessions in. I won't say no to that! 
New Projects: None - phew. After last week's start-itis, I think I need a serious case of finish-itis. 
Completed Projects:  Wedding Blanket Quilt - I finished my friend's wedding blanket quilt! Yay!
Current Projects: Colour My World Challenge - Made great progress this week. I finished theswirling octagonbelow. Although I don't have photos of this, I did finish the side and corner pieces. I still have one other section to add before sandwiching it and quilting it. 

FMQQAYGQAL/QAYGFMQQAL - First four blocks are done! Yay! As usual, I put my own tweaks on it by quilting onto the block borders. Unfortunately, it gave poor Laura, our fearless QAL leader, a heart attack because her quilt-as-you-go technique requi…

Modern Block Monday - Everything Equal

This week's block is Everything Equal by Louise Papas. Louise's block is a white background with pink and red modern print squares. Here's what I did with it using my colour scheme. I have to say that I was very sceptical about my colours until I laid them out. Mine's a bit different, wouldn't you say? I love that about quilting! 

Completed Modern Blocks to date: Pinball MachineIt's a StretchPogo StickNext week, I'll be doing a block that is not in the book, but I thought would be fun to try. It's Woven Block from SewHappyGeek. I just have to try it. 
Linking up to Sew Modern Monday

Happy Monday, all!

Seeing Red

Last night, I participated in the Friday Night Sew-In, hosted by Handmade by Heidi and Crafty Vegas Mom. I took the opportunity to start working on my Colour My World Challenge and made some very good progress. Must have been because red is such a stimulating colour, eh? 
Not sure how well you can see this, but here's my sketch for this month's red piece:

I'm trying to play with values of red so I chose eight red fabrics to make the main octagon block. Putting the strips side by side, it seemed to progress nicely from light to dark in my value viewers. However, once pieced together in the hexagon, I find there's quite a big jump between the white and red leaf print and the red and white leaf print. Oh well, I'm still really happy with it so far.

I started by tracing the centre hexagon, cut it out and then in half. I then paper pieced each half before sewing them together.

Once the centre hexagon was pieced, I adapted the technique that Madame Parfait used for her sw…

TGIFF! - Wedding Blanket

Happy Friday all! As I mentioned on Wednesday, a friend asked for advice on getting her wedding shawl quilted. After some trepidation -- it was her wedding blanket after all! -- I volunteered to do it. This is a very cool tradition so I thought I'd share a bit more about it with you.

In some Native American cultures, a wedding is celebrated with a blanket ceremony. Each member of the couple comes to the ceremony wearing their own blanket. These blankets represent their past lives. After the spiritual leader blesses the union, friends and family remove the individual blankets and replace them with one blanket that symbolizes the couple's new life together, which will be filled with happiness and peace. My friend and her new husband were covered with this joyful Timeless Treasure print during their ceremony.

We didn't want to detract from the print so we decided that a simple black backing and a stipple stitch in black thread would work nicely. To give it some pop along the e…


I have a confession to make. I have a fear of white. I rarely wear white, I don't use white in any decor choices, and I've only made one quilt that had a significant amount of white in it and it was for someone else. I'd like to blame my 'fear of white' on the fact that I have kids and that I secretly refer to them as Sticky, Goopy and Mucky, but my fear of white actually goes way back BC (before children). The truth is that I'm very clumsy and I'm always I spilling things constantly on myself. Combine that with my kids and my less than stellar laundry skills and you have whites that don't stay white for long in this household. So I didn't see the point of spending a lot of time making a white quilt only to have it be stained.

But then I see all these cool white quilts in the blogosphere and I think that maybe it's time to let go of the fear; to try something new. So for my FMQQAYGQAL (Free Motion Quilting Quilt As You Go Quilt Along) quilt with…