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Works in Progress Wednesday - February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day! We're just getting back from two fabulous days of skiing at Mont Tremblant in Quebec. Man, I love skiing! The back held up -- yay! My older boys loved it, but son #3 picked up what son #2 had last week so the hubster and I took turns hanging out with him. Both boys are back to themselves so all's good. We're just wondering who's next to succumb. He he.
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Colour My World Purple Challenge: This week, my purple piece/mini quilt went from this...
to this?  Or maybe this?
Thank you for giving me your advice on Monday. I'll be working madly tonight to finish this up for the Colour My World Purple linky party tomorrow so check back then to see what happened to my tulip, to link up if you are participating in the challenge, and to see what others have done this month. 
Like last time, I'll also do a linky for quilts with purple in them. It doesn't matter when they were made or whether you are part…

Modern Block Monday - Higgledy-Piggledy

I lied. Last week, I said that I was going to do Binary by Angela Pingel, but I did Higgledy-Piggledy by Kate Henderson instead. No really good reason other than I had most of the pieces cut out for this block and I was feeling jammed for time. 
I had started playing with this block several weeks ago, but didn't like the colour combination I had first chosen (cyan, teal, lilac and black). Then I thought to switch out the black for grey -- nope. Finally I tried  this combination. Still not feeling the love and I keep thinking there's some secondary pattern or something going on with the middle two rows (no, I'm not taking any more Percocet!). I'm wondering if I did something wrong with this one. 
Here's what the nine blocks look like so far:

Completed Modern Blocks to date: Pinball MachineIt's a StretchPogo StickEverything EqualWoven BlockAlleywaysBoxed InScrappy Asterisk Next week's block will definitely be Binary by Angela Pingel of Cut to Pieces
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The Purple People Eater Ate My Homework

I'm convinced that there's a Murphy's Law that applies just to parents. It goes something like this, "If you already have more Must Dos on your To Do list than you can possibly do in one day, one of your children will get invariably get sick." Yep, son #2 has been home the last two days with a fever, which means great cuddle time with him, but only about 1/2 of the Must Dos happened. Today should be interesting. ;)

Thursday night and last night, I decided to sacrifice some sleep for peace of mind. I worked on my modern block for Monday, finished the baby quilt for my friend and made good progress on My Colour My World Purple Challenge.

I'll still need a day or so to finish up my Purple mini and as I won't be able to work on it again until Wednesday, I'll need to put the Purple linky party up on Thursday, instead of Tuesday. I hope those of you participating won't mind an extra two days. :)

Now for the good news, I finished the tulip! Here where we…

Works in Progress Wednesday - February 22, 2012

I'm not a robot! I swear I'm not, but Blogger seems to think I am. The new Blogger word verification widget is driving me crazy. Sometimes I have to try it two or three times before it will accept my answers. I like to leave comments on the blogs I visit, but I'm finding this "improvement" uber annoying and time consuming. If you use it on your blog, please consider removing it because it makes leaving those supportive and encouraging comments we all love unnecessarily difficult.

If you are concerned about spam, don't be. I removed it from my site a few months ago and have had only two Spam comments since, both of which were caught by the Spam filter and were never published on my site. You can always add it back on if you do find you have spam problems, but I doubt you'll need to. Lucy from Charm About You has a more passionate plea than mine, but I'm with her. {Getting down from soapbox}

Anyhoo, not a lot of progress this week, which is probably some…